Thirteen Herbs Banishing Ointment

The Craft & Spellworking

Adapted from the Hoodoo thirteen herbs uncrossing bath rite and written here for reference.

Herbs used: Aniseed, Elderflower, Fennel Seed, Mugwort, Mullein Leaf, Nettle, Peppermint, Rosemary, Common Rue, Sage, Thyme, Valerian Root, Vervain.

Suggested amount: Two teaspoons of each herb.

Ratio of Herb to Oil: 1:3

Instructions: Simmer gently in oil of choice for up to an hour (suggested oils: olive, coconut, jojoba, feel free to mix), strain and melt in beeswax (optional) or other plant sourced wax then bottle and let cool.

Use only half a teaspoon to one teaspoon of wax.

Additional: Fill bottle/jar halfway with salt then pour lotion over the top.

How to use: Use in shower all over body as a salt scrub, use as a body lotion (in which case shea butter can be added), or apply to specific areas of body for protection/banishing/uncrossing.

Bless before use.

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