Considering my history with negative entities of all sorts, I wanted to write a short piece about what they are, why they are bound, how to remove them, and ways to prevent attack.

This is also a work in progress with the idea to learn as I go along. Things will be amended as I research and experience.

What they are

Thought forms – unconscious astral programs
Lost souls – unconscious fragments of living or dead beings
Archons – semi-conscious beings of the false light matrix
Demons – fully conscious evil spirits, often extraterrestrial

Why they are bound

Loss – power that is given away or lost
Trauma – trauma weakens the aura and allows entry
Contracts – unconscious agreements made for mutual benefit
Trickery – sensitives and awakening people are targets

How to remove them

Silence – turn their influence off, neutralising their presence
Banish – remove them from your presence, space, and life
Punish – imprison them in the underworld or through other means
Death – kill them and basically recycle their energy (question, is it possible and is it ethical?)

Ways to prevent attack

Health – eat healthy, think healthy, be healthy, exercise and meditate
Earth – frequently ground, spend time in nature and shield
Ward – cleanse your living space and set up energy barriers
Discern – test the spirits, do not just let anything in

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