Dear Gaia

I have thought on your offer to join your order to help heal the earth and collective consciousness and lock away the demons and evil spirits in Tarturus so they receive just and proper punishment for their crimes.

I have decided that before I commit to this purpose in your name I would like to propose a contract or exchange in services. That for my service and commitment to the order I would first request my own physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances be healed completely with your help.

For I believe that first before healing others I should first be healed in myself, and that I am not. I have many ailments that afflict me and I propose a training period where your teachings and power will not only be my cure but also my preparation for admittance into the order as a healer proper.

The ailments especially that I wish to address are the extreme fatigue that plagues my body, as well the anxiety that causes constant obsessive compulsive thoughts. I would like my physical vitality back as well as the return of my innate power and confidence.

If you can first work with me on this then I formally promise to you Gaia that I will then join as a member of your order and do your work in this world to the best of my ability in this life. I will be a healer to the sick as a sickened person who had found healing.

I hope this offer finds you well and that your response is favourable and accepting.

Thank you

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