Deep Womb Healing by Shaman Jo

My Public Journal

We’ve done a full clearing of all negative soul contracts, energies, entities, vibrations and spirits, and I’m now continuing the shamanic journey that I started at the beginning…

I can see something very slowly dropping down in my view, but I can’t tell what it is. I thought it might be a spaceship, but I can’t really make it out. Deep breath (my body’s way of confirmation for what I’m seeing).

It looks like a machine of some kind. I can’t really tell what it is.

Big yawn – I’m getting very yawny now.

It looks like the machine is turning into a drill, with the front of it rotating round and round, like the propeller on an aeroplane. It really feels like a drill that is drilling down through the darkness. I can’t tell what it is drilling or what it is for. It’s moved out of view now.

What else have you got to show me ?

I can see my dragon now, the Earth dragon. She is the embodiment of the energy and consciousness of Mother Earth. And she is often a guardian of lost soul parts. Another big yawn.

I can see her tail hanging down, her long pointy tail with the arrow head tip. Its like she’s pulling the drill up through the earth with her tail. I still don’t know what this drill was for. But she is pulling the drill up out of the earth with her tail.

I can now see her face, she is sticking her tongue out. She’s licking something. I can’t quite see what she is licking.

I can see that she has an egg now. She ’s curled round the egg and is licking it.

It’s like she’s a mother dragon who has laid her egg, nesting on it, keeping it warm, waiting for it to hatch. She’s coiled around it. I feel like the drill, whatever it was, was something quite destructive or detrimental, like it had drilled right through Lady May. By pulling this drill up and out of the earth, the dragon was removing this damaging implement.

Deep breath.

I feel like we are just looking after this egg at the minute, waiting for it to hatch, wondering what is going to be hatching out of the egg. Another big yawn.

I’m seeing lots of flying saucers now, quite dark flying saucers flying around. I get the feeling there’s been some kind of very negative, dark, extra-terrestrial influence within this situation. The dragon is opening up her wings now to shield herself and the egg from these flying saucers. Another big yawn.

I’m seeing an octopus now. The octopus got out of one one of the flying saucers and it’s hovering in the sky. It doesn’t feel like this is a good or helpful octopus. It feels like a dark force entity.

I call upon an ally to protect, shield and disperse these aliens. I’m seeing a white horse that is a lightening horse. It’s flying through the sky and is bringing this energy of lightening, of light and fire, to disperse. Deep breath.

Its galloping across the sky dispersing these octopus aliens with its lightening strikes.

I’m still curious, what’s happening with the dragon ? Another deep breath and big yawn. The dragon is still licking her egg. I can see her big nose, big nostrils and big long white tongue. I’m getting a very strong sense that this egg is Lady May’s soul energy. This dragon is often a soul guardian, she guards soul parts that people have lost upon the earth plane.

This feels far more than just a soul part. She normally cries the soul parts out of her big eyes. Whereas this feels almost like a whole new you, that is being birthed in this egg. Like this egg is your soul. Not just a piece of your soul, it is lots and lots and lots of your soul parts, almost your whole soul being. It may well be that you lost many parts or most of your soul energy when you had your breakdown. And this egg is the combination of all of that lost soul energy. This is the return of yourself.

But she’s still sitting on the egg, it still isn’t hatching. She’s looking after it very carefully. Deep breath.

It feels like we are in the womb of mother earth, in this dark cave. And that this gestation period is necessary in order to allow you to fully heal in this egg state. In order to fully return all soul parts that you lost through this process. It feels like this healing journey has gone into a restoration phase.

We are in the womb space of mother earth, resting, in the cave, in the dragon’s cave. Resting restoring, growing, as a little baby dragon, you are still growing and developing in this egg. And as in any pregnancy, the growth of the baby is assisted most by deep rest. Another deep breath.

We are in a deep restoration stage of this healing journey.

Dragon is opening her eyes and she has just cried out a soul piece, and another piece. She’s opening her mouth wide and yawning now. Just like me ! Another deep yawn for myself !

It feels like she is summoning a bit of fire now. I can sense little sparks igniting within her now. This feels like something to do with the hatching of the egg. It feels like these little sparks of fire are necessary in order to hatch the egg.

She’s telling me that dragon’s eggs are hatched through fire. They won’t hatch without enough fire. She’s just kindling the fire, and doing a few little test burst s of fire.

Hey, mother dragon, are you getting ready to hatch your baby ? Yes, she says, baby dragons are birthed through fire.

Fire is the element of transformation. It is an element of burning the old in order to give birth ti the new. Dragon, like phoenix has this power of transformation through fire.

She is very slowly kindling this fire. Its not happening fast, its very gentle. She doesn’t want to hurt the baby dragon. It is a gentle warming and gestating and bringing to life of this baby dragon. Another deep yawn.

I’m not even sure if this egg is going to hatch in this session, you know. It feels like more time is needed to grow and heal and restore this little baby dragon.

You are the little baby dragon, Lady May, but your hatching time is not yet. You’ve got a bit more growing time. A bit more time being nestled with your dragon mother, in the womb space of mother earth.

Hey earth dragon, are you ready to hatch your baby yet ?

No ! I’m just keeping her warm, raising the fire, gently gently, slowly slowly, you can’t rush these things.

Ok, but you have received two soul parts that she cried out. Is there a power animal for Lady May?

Dragon is the power animal. The fire aspect is restoring and revitalising you. The earth dragon aspect is guarding and protecting and shielding you in the womb space of mother earth. Big yawn.

Is there any more work to be done today? No.

This is the end of the journey.

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