Incant: “Hekas, hekas, este bebeloi!” (“Far, oh far, be removed the profane!”)
Sound: Ring bells, sing or play positive music, clap your hands.
Smudge: Fan with incense or smudge bundles such as sage, mugwort, and turkey feathers.
Sweep: Use a broom made of oak/ash, birch, and willow.
Burn: Essential oils and anointed or scented candles.
Spray: Salt spray with sage essential oil and other crystals added.
Enliven: Decorate with plants, shells, flowers, crystals, and other things from nature.
Animals: Adopt a pet or familiar, cats are especially good. Dogs work too.
Ground: Channel earth energies into the space around.
Breath: Use air prana to blow away dead energies.

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