Once Upon a Time

My Poetry

Chapter 1

“Baby, be don’t be mad”, Yoongi says.

“I’m not”.

“Why are you turning away from me then?”

Jimin stops dead, caught in the headlights of Yoongi’s stare. To be honest, Jimin doesn’t want to turn away, and didn’t plan on it, but his emotion got the better of him.

He feels a hand grip his wrist, lightly, tentatively.

“Please, let me explain”.

“What is there to explain?”, Jimin grits. “It’s clear you care more for him”.

“I don’t, I fucked up”.

“You say that a lot, Hyung”.

“I do, and I’m sorry. It wasn’t going to be easy, but you know”.

Jimin turns around and sighs running a hand through his hair, “I know, but that doesn’t mean I can just sit back and enjoy what’s happening”.

“You don’t deserve me, Jiminie”, Yoongi exhales, frustrated.

“No, don’t say that”, Jimin leans into the older’s grasp and places his chin on his shoulder, “I’m mad, but you’re the one who doesn’t deserve me being like this, we agreed that I wouldn’t react like this-”

Yoongi interrupts, “To be honest baby, I don’t blame you, even though we agreed”.

“Maybe. I don’t know. All I know is the way I feel”.

“Me too Jiminie, me too”.

“Can you just stay here with me for a while?” Jimin murmurs, “let me remember you this way just for this moment?”

“Of course, it’s the most I can do to make up for me being such a shitty boyfriend”.

“Thank you”.

A single tear slips out of Jimin’s eye as Yoongi pulls their hug apart to gaze at his boyfriend. “Please don’t cry over me baby, let me take that tear away”.

Jimin’s heart forgets how to beat for a moment as Yoongi softly kisses where the tear is slowly rolling down his face. He feels the blood rushing to his cheeks as the older slowly kisses down his face and finds his mouth. The kiss is soft at first, hesistant and apologetic, but Jimin finds himself melting into the sensation and knows he wants more.

Jimin parts his lips slightly in order to deepen the kiss and Yoongi seems to take it as permission to make up for his actions in the way only touch can do. The older’s tongue pushes into his mouth and it’s all Jimin can do to stop himself from gasping.


“Let me make it up to you Jiminie”, Yoongi pants between breaths.

Jimin starts trying to pull the other’s jacket off in response but before he can get far, the older pushes him down onto the bed and then steps back in an attempt to tease him. Jimin watches entranced as the other starts stripping his clothes one by one, his eyes hooded and dark with lust. As Yoongi discards his last piece of clothing, he returns to Jimin, who is observing from his spot on the bed. But before Jimin can react to his sudden presence again, Yoongi starts removing his clothes one by one too. Jimin thinks it’s possibly the sexiest thing the other has done, and he feels a familiar swelling and hardening sensation in his crotch. And he is not alone as Yoongi finishes removing all their clothes and brings their bodies together again. Jimin can feel Yoongi’s hardness press and rub against his own, and he reclaims the older’s lips unable to control himself anymore.

As Jimin explores his boyfriend’s mouth, Yoongi lets out a little chuckle which vibrates against Jimin’s mouth.

“What is it?”

“I should be an asshat to you more often if it makes you this horny”.

“Shut up Hyung”, Jimin feels himself blushing.

“You’re so cute, you know”, Yoongi breathes, before moving his mouth lower and nuzzling the hollow of his neck.

Jimin finds himself making a noise a lot like a needy whimper, which has Yoongi chuckling again, this time with his mouth pressed against Jimin’s neck.

Jimin loves the feeling of the wet warmth of Yoongi’s tongue lapping against his sensitive skin, and pushes him lower in his heady need.

Apparently his Hyung approves as he lets out a light growl and nips Jimin’s nipple with his teeth, which makes Jimin moan again and his cock ache painfully.

Feeling even more consumed with lust, Jimin continues to push Yoongi’s head down into his lap “Need… more… ahh…”, finally he feels what he needed all this time.

“Hush baby”, Yoongi hums against his arousal, “let me lick you clean, you’re leaking so much”.

At hearing that Jimin’s blood rushes with desire and he groans in ecstasy as his boyfriend goes down on him. If he thought his Hyung’s tongue felt good on his neck, then it feels a hundred times better around his hard length like this.

“Ahh, that’s so good”, Jimin moans. He props himself up on his elbows and watches as Yoongi sucks him off. He can barely hold himself up like that, but he thinks Yoongi just looks too hot like that to not watch. It’s worth the uncomfortableness of the position.

Soon enough with Yoongi’s mouth sucking up and down his shaft, and with seeing the way the older was practically worshipping his dick below him, Jimin feels a deep warmth building in his groin. He is about to mention it, but Yoongi looks up, apparently sensing it.

“Come for me baby”, the older orders as he momentarily removes his mouth.

“Yes Hyung”, Jimin pants as he wiggles his hips, wanting the other’s attention back on him.

Yoongi smirks at him and returns his mouth, which sends Jimin reeling into overdrive, the heat and tightness in his groin spreading rapidly.

Jimin throws his head back, unable to take it anymore. “Hyung, I’m gonna come!”

The older tightens his mouth around Jimin and takes him in completely, and Jimin can no longer hold on. His body and heart explode, as he lets out spurt after spurt of his orgasm out onto his Hyung’s tongue.

Yoongi moans and drinks up the come greedily as the contractions wrack through Jimin over and over again. Yoongi wasn’t lying, Jimin thinks, as the spasms start to abate. His boyfriend has licked him dry, just as he promised.

Jimin melts into the bed as all his energy is drained from him and squeezes his eyes tight a little embrassed at what had just happened. No matter how many times they do that he still struggles to get used to it.

He feels Yoongi get up and opens his eyes wide, only to see a flushed face above gazing back at him.

“That was amazing, Jiminie-ah, baby, you were amazing”.

But before Jimin can muster up a shy smile, Yoongi kisses him quickly and steps back and grabs his clothes, despite appearing painfully unsatisfied.

“What are you doing Hyung?” Jimin is confused.

Yoongi quickly throws his clothes back on, “I have to go baby, don’t worry about me, I’ll take care of myself, I’m just happy you let me do that to you”.

“But Hyung-”

“Lets talk later”, Yoongi interrupts and rushes out the room. But not before throwing a quick and longing glance at the younger.

And Jimin finds himself sat alone, confused and upset, not for the first time that day.

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