A Glimmer of Hope

My Poetry

“Hyung”, Jungkook says.

“Yes, Kookie?”

“Pass me the water?”

Jimin hands the bottle to Jungkook, sweat from his hand marring the plastic slightly with his print. It has a been a long practice, the two of them staying up late into the night to perfect the dance to moves to their latest single: Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Jungkook takes large gulps as he replenishes the water he lost through all the intense hours of dancing. He notices Jimin subtly watching from the corner of his eye as he savours every last refreshing drop. Before he realises the bottle is empty and he closes the lid and puts it aside. He still finds his thirst unquenched though. But not in need of more water.

“Hyung, did you think more on what we talked about recently?”

Jimin glances away shyly as he considers how to reply.

Jungkook has been good to him, he thinks, since he realised Jimin’s feelings towards the younger. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was he could not admit it out loud, barely to himself, let alone to Jungkook. Even though the two of them shared an unspoken understanding of the truth between them, Jungkook had given Jimin the time to figure out how to express his words in his own time.

Jimin sighs and starts readying himself to leave for the dorms. Jungkook follows in his stead, turning off the lights and closing the practice room door behind them. There is silence for a moment while the two walk in tandem in the cool night breeze, feeling grateful for the fresh air filling their lungs.

“I’ve thought a bit about it, yeah”.

Jungkook smiles curiously, a small but meaningful smile which lends Jimin some confidence.

“Kookie”, he pauses, building the courage within for what he has to say. “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you before. I had to be sure, that this was the right thing, you know?”

They are almost at the dorms now, and they let themselves in, being quiet so as to not disturb the others who are sleeping. It is nearly three in the morning.

Jimin urges Jungkook into his room so they can continue their conversation. Although spending the night together in Jimin’s room has become the norm for them recently. They sleep better together than apart.

Jungkook assumes that Jimin still needs more time to carefully choose his words, which he does not mind as his Hyung often needs more time to process things. Jungkook thinks to himself that it’s an attractive trait.

“Let me take a shower Hyung, then we can continue afterwards”. He is eager to clean himself from the sweat of practice.

“Wait, Jungkook”. Jimin grabs his wrist as the younger is about to turn to the shared bathroom. “I-It’s been hard for me, at first keeping all these feelings inside, thinking that you would hate me if you realised. Then when you let me know that you knew and that you were okay with it, I became scared that maybe what I had desired all these years, who I had desired, was suddenly in reach”.

Jungkook gazes at Jimin, calmly, but cautiously, his eyes following the movement of Jimin’s Adam’s apple as it rises and falls in what is a large nervous gulp.

It’s funny, thinks Jungkook, that when they first became friends, he was the one who rejected Jimin’s silly advances. He did not realise just how attached he would end up becoming to his Hyung. And how his heart would flutter and beat irregularly whenever Jimin gave him that cheeky laugh of his.

He has waited so long to hear these words, but he has given Jimin space. Jungkook knew if he pushed too hard he would risk pushing him away.

“I could explain to you how I feel”, Jimin continues, “but I think it would just be better to show you”.

Before Jungkook can respond, Jimin gently leans in and presses his body against the younger and kisses him, sweetly, softly, slowly. Jungkook is surprised, and it takes his mind a few microseconds to understand what is happening before he responds warmly.

Jimin’s lips taste sweet and salty at the same time, a mixture of his natural flavour and lingering sweat. Jungkook gets caught in the moment before Jimin pulls back and blushes again, this time more vividly than the last.

Jimin wants to look away, but instead forces his gaze to meet Jungkook’s, and his heart swells like a tidal wave with an emotion that makes him feel fuzzy inside.

Jungkooks eyes are glimmering with happiness and Jimin wishes he could just squeeze the younger’s baby cheeks. Jungkook just looks too cute like this.

“Well, that’s how I feel”, he mumbles.

“Hyunngggg~!!!” Jungkook squees and envelopes Jimin in a tight hug. “Thank you”, he whispers by his shoulder, “I feel the same way too”.

“I know, Kookie”.

The two stand there hugging for a little while, before they unravel themselves, and take their respective showers in turn.

By the time they are both showered and ready to sleep they lie curled up, hands and legs entwined, drifting off peacefully as they do most other nights.

But this time they have the peace of knowing their feelings are shared.

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