Happy Yuletide, DR

My Poetry

Intervals have passed
two years worth of metamorphosis
I’m a person reborn as from a chrysalis
yet equally selfsame

I intuit many things in the vacuity which surrounds,
indications and wireless expression
a bosom filled to the brim with woe
and the inevitability of the callousness of fate

Happy Yuletide, DR
Let me tell you a euphemical account
one night the lunar bright was eclipsed
and the starry heavens crystal as snow
I had not pondered on our perplexing affair in many a cycle
yet I discovered myself scribbling your name down on paper
witnessing its demise in flames
flinging the ashes into the easterly wind

Maybe there’s no correlation
but why do my enchantments appear to always rebound?
I found myself contemplating happenings of another life
and a certain dynamism nagged at me relentlessly
until I reckoned futility in ignorance
and hearkened to what it had to say

Well, I found a mysterious kind of solace
healing and clarification in perhaps an hallucination
After all, what can I attest to be authentic
after all my failures and erosion of mind

You know, I never entertained animosity nor rancour
I was just, eh, apathetic
after all, who fancies wasting time where there’s no desire returned?
yeah, it took me many agonising nights to relent
but after that, the best emoji that illustrates me is 🤷‍♀️ (shrug)
you were bygone bygones

I surpass at leaving the past behind
but too, I’m adept at flowing with life’s whimsical shifts
and here another rouses by
I no longer rue the infernal terror our union became
all’s well that becomes well

I comprehend there’s something curious in the air
some thing that has decided to jostle some sentiment
but my decision was made, and so was yours
now is far too passé

We could stay up all night envisaging some alternate future
but that’s all it will be, fabled tales
I’m carefree, and I’m flourishing
I’m faithful; I’m redefining my definition of love

Fluffy infatuations are nice
but fleeting, illusive, disasterous
love is volitious, love is perseverance, love is travail
Who knew? Love is altruistic charity, agape
I’m aware

This is a parting prose
a delicate acknowledgement, a tranquil release
as Kylo Ren stated:
“Let the past die
Kill it, if you have to
That’s the only way to become what you are meant to be”

And his impression is how I will honour what was
it’s only felicitous as I recall reviewing how attractive I found him
that eve at the theatre of moving pictures
where the populace spoke to me in broad accents I couldn’t fathom

Such an ominous last meet
but Rey reminds me that that which becomes perverted
can still be absolved
just like that Force-bond we partake
in the reaches of ancient peace treaties through space-time
“The greatest teacher, failure is”.

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