The Last Fight

My Poetry

Purity Ring – Begin Again

“Don’t be afraid… I feel it too”
Stirring within, compassion, yearning, desolation
Folie á Deux

I need a teacher, he suggests
But nostalgia and reminiscence is the great lesson;
Ruthless absence from glory

We all don our rose tinted glasses when it suits us
For some what’s behind, for myself what’s usually ahead
but aeons beckon, that deafening silence between all things

The Force is strong with this one,
the timelines coalesce and stability drops from under my feet
I remember,
Love, lust, hatred, suffering

But what the hell do I know?
I am blind as a fruit bat
pretending the darkness is my answer

I exiled that part of me
I watched it blaze in flames and soot
I severed that fucking lifeline
I watched you scatter in the faceless winds

And this fury dawns, this fury accuses me in the mirror
Douse it down, never submit, never imagine that karma has a hand in my fortune

And now, the dark moon laughs at me
Diana frowns at me, offers her hand
As I take it, I realise I never stopped holding on
Now is the time

Time to leave, time to let be
Time to know, time to recede
Time to surrender; let life recycle us again

I erased your facade, I banished you on the waves of rebirth
My mind delirious long ago, now lucid and dreaming awake
And I will never forget
It’s forever too late

I see you.
And I turn on my heel:
I let you wane.

Ursine Vulpine ft. Annaca – Wicked Game

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