Own it, yolo-yo
Oscillate underground
Tense longings masked by camaderie
Releases the damsel from false counsel,
But, her despised diffident pheromones
rewrite the meaning of originality

Aquatic hustle and pop
Muscles sculpted like Roman gods
I’m drenched in these fine imageries, preliminaries
Gold whistles drape the drums of my senses
As artistry and vision blind me

Addiction to the loosed endorphines
Of well disguised lusts, distrust
Lay one out on me
I’ll level my ass up in spilled blood, so

Ruin me for attention
Push, thrash, get rough
I keep these daggers sharpened for a reason
For stitches that have their own mind

Fierce and passionate like Kali-Ma
I’m yearning always of consummation
By trickster fairy dust more virile than me

Thanateros goes on and on: The denizen of truth.

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