Pitter patter
Why so serious?
The rain smacks the sense out of me
As I brood in the reflective gaze of my inner eye’s broken glass
I hate myself because I crave what I can’t have

And I hate the world because it’s so fucking fake
Empathic connection
Emotional debilitation
You’re out of arms reach
Senseless imagination
Sickening placation
I know once again I’m deliriously needy

I am catatonic with devils
They sing sweetly to me
As a siren beneath the translucent waters luring me noiselessly to my death
I’m psychotic with lust
Addicted to madness
Come, Tokyo Ghoul, debilitate me

I see you, little birdie with your broken wing
Black embers for hair
Shy demeanour and a tender heart
It bleeds aimlessly with envy
I know what it’s like to have the world in your hands
To shape and mould its sculpture with royal demands
And drudge on and on in the greying histories
I feel you
In my nightly terrors that pass for dreams

Why does the inky absence invigorate me?
Why does my shadow intimidate me so?
Attract me –
Believe me this is the unseen truth
I’m drowning endlessly beneath the empty facade

Borrow my chi, let me lend it back
Only you and I are convinced this display isn’t real
We pretend to be in love with niceties
But deeply hunger to destroy everything

The rage inside glowers gnawingly like drunken cyanide
The stains on my jeans reveal I’m not as lucid as I make out to be
Please, through the empty bottle and fractured glass feel me too
Even if in the darks of my soul
Let me be me.

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