Sex Metal Barbie Homocidal Queen

My Poetry

Sex sex sex
I want your diamond sex
Tough and glittery as lioness and chase

Bar chords strum in my ears
Pulsate underground
Play me with skill like you play your stratocaster

Deep within my feverish femurs
My blood is thumping
To the beat of your pheromone inducing heat

I am an edging volcano
That belongs to the scorching lava
I am the vermillion hot fury
I absorb the heady sweat of the seething beast

Funk and indie mesh together
As I enchant and bind the sacred and profane
Middle eight could never come sooner
The lawless addict in me bitches back in play

I am my own ruler and mistress
BDSM my slutty ruse
Ephemeral like the eastern wind
Satisfying like your swollen dick.

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