Tokyo Ghoul

My Poetry

Elderberry red stains my chapped hands
Stooping again to lowly sins
Meteorites and repulsive dreams have me waning away as stars losing shards of me

Poison burns through engorged vessels
Arteries slit crudely open by traumatised echoes
And here I dwell deep in my disgust
Deep in my sorrow
And deep in the ghostly violet rain

Fire burns
Blood falls from the sky
I’m paralysed
Drained, I’m waste
I’m sinking
I’m betrayed
Because prestige matters not
When you’re your own worst rancid enemy

The glare of the sun
Far too elevated for our childless childhoods
Where is hope?
I think I dropped it by the way side
Now it prowls with the rats in the sewers
Waiting to give the innocent the evil eye

Yes he said art and beautiful things and nature was a reason to live
Kinda just like me
I know too what it’s like when you’re pacing alone at four AM
The shadows themselves seem terrified
The shadows cower behind the blackened curtains of our homely prisons we created for ourselves

For the evil that lurks within our own psyche’s
Overwhelms stinking ghouls
And keeps us in endless purgatory
I’m sickly scum
And everything I say will never mean a thing
I’m raging violent
I’m suffering itself embodied in human skin

With your delusions I can empathise
For these seeds of feline madness hatch and claw greedily
In our fingertips as we type
In our perception of society
As we drive on by the light doesn’t mean a damn thing

This fatigue crushes every cell in my beaten body
I try and I try and I try and try
To release this weight from my burdened back
Gods and demons both have lied
Their fabled stories spun upon me as spider webs entrapping their prey

In the end I perceive
All the same in the end they mean nothing to me
But stubbornly I still resist
And god I know you’re the same
– Please.
From kilometres away
Sense a bruised and battered thymus is suffering

I must not believe
Because the horizon always rises in the east
And the east will never set for me
I must keep my sanity
I must drink until my head is murdering me

I know you know the feeling
But honourable delusion overpowers me.

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