Mood: Agitation

My Poetry

Step into this garbage for a sneak peek
A world of unfinished projects and wasted minutes
The clock hands stopped ticking forward in the drowning silence
My wearied ears no longer hear your phony advice

I’m pissed off at the thin invisible gaseous state of matter in front 
Like a monster from the inside squeezes my organs tight
with a leather belt and an insufferable violent voice
leaving weeping red welts on my perfectly formed baby skin

In my hallucination
The devils invade my lungs and growl through my broken airways and raspy larynx
What is this debilitating crippling madness which consumes me?
I don’t need your distant and vacant bright star placations;
I need your firm and soft hands to undress my pliable body from the facade

Because the royal blue of midnight never ended for me
When I became stuck in the endless hypothermic freeze
The heartless beat slowing down till there are only echoes
Echoes speeding facelessly through the haunted hallways

I’m terminal with the disease of crippling hatred
Like HIV this plague never ceases within
I’m being torn apart by rabid rancid teeth
from the inside I bleed out
from the inside I rot slowly

Please, take pity on my shameful nudity
I may be deathly pale and stinkingly unattractive but
I know the magical extraction for the poison that fails my genome

The infection remains
Which can never be extricated
But can be managed from a shot of your well trained warrior semen

Physical injection
End the infection
I think I’m having yet another reaction

Fulfil my expectation
Release the devastation
Believe my attestation
My chest is vacuous;
slit open with the septic wound of bloody amateur extraction

I can’t find release till I fall in reverance to my knees
And bare myself to your pleas

I’m having you tonight
for myself
for me
I know I’m disgustingly selfish
I’m weak

So fuck me up, shatter me into quarters
Only destruction can finish the eradication,
banishment and greed

Exile in comfort
Exiled but tamed
You have my permission
Relieve the beast;
devour my propriety

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