My Poetry

Always in my brain
Ephemeral images etch themselves onto the central neural chalkboard 
structural integrity so carelessly overlooked
I slowly forget myself in the rouse of creativity

Because my manifesto is drive, harder
In all pursuits
Rebel, rebeller, fornicator 
Inhale spring’s heady air
Near summer’s parching peak

Juniper blooms brightly
And lures me with its sickly sweet fragrance
Drawing me deeper, closer
To Calvin Klein’s occult inspiration

You suit the look of contradiction
Which pairs with power, love, and wisdom
Laziness, regret, and immaturity
Brings with it a delightful hilarity

So I curl myself up
Within the bowels of your sacred grove
Let myself be warmed up
With hyssop tea inside your safeguarding treasure trove
And thousand year old reincarnated soul

I believe in you
My darling ash moon
Because your contradiction is my home
The fish and the virgin both
Realise their counterpart identities
Let it be known

When you press against me from all sides
Surrounding my heart in glowing fireflies and long forgotten fay magic
And I press back as one would whom is being chased
Nothing less than a harshly trained Rottweiler
Against a one foot thick lead fence

The key turns
The retinal print matches
And I meld into the density
Finally sheltered in the solidarity of my rescuer

I realise then
the highly adrenalised game of phantom tag
was just a means to this end
To understand my raisin d’etre
And that I was always safe

To explain the sense of relief
When these cliffs all come tumbling down around
Or describe the ecstatic permanency
That I feel as the darkness within awakens me
Would dilute the mystery

Keep me trapped tightly within the bowels of your fantasies
A place of your own personal destruction within my twisted realm so heavenly
Where angels and devils argue on my shoulders so frequently
Electrifying me with your growth so exponentially

Because the seedling inside me too wants to shoot
And tear me apart with new life;
Join its masters identity

And as the leaves droop, drop, and decay
So too will this end become for us eventually

Till death do I part,
my promise uttered to my own morality.

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