Ancient memories plunging, diving, swimming laps around my psyche
Water consolidating cloudy dirt from the radiation of my poisoined sweat
Wet and rapidly dehydrating the vitality from inside,
As everyone loses self reflective will
The dead are lost in their legacy
Entrapped in scraping, intoxicated, grinding, oxigenated metal within the daemon

An eternal dreadful sleep diffuses the stench of death
As you breathe in the iron red mud clogging your genetically modified pores and lungs
You can neither beg for release nor wake from the puppetry illusion
Only rot in the endless limbo and rivers of salty tears Alice jinxed you with

Because the rabbit hole inverted itself into an invisible rainbow white whole
And you appeared in the undead abyss
So lead astray by your own hallucinatory torment
Revelling in rage, despise, and hated,
Peeling skin back in depressed worship
Your false idols shaped out of unholy ideals and profane clay

So Rest in Pain, until your terror is manifested and given another wasted chance
Here I watch as my pupils darken like an onyx tinted binary star as I observe my own fallen rebirth
Tinted in screaming blood pacts, in faint voodoo witchcraft, in despicable suicide, in the devils of my youth

Chester Bennington, my saviour, god, and today my disgusted demise
My veins rupture with the force of my shattered hope
One foreign horror after another and I tip over the edge
Injecting the crushed poppy seeds and morphine into my fantastical drug ruined addict thighs
Yet such words are influenced in tribute of universal greatness itself
And through recall I suddenly unwind like a yoyo and strike the floor
Leaving the glossed hard wood with a killer migraine

The floor deserved it
And I’m a genocidal psycho-bitch
Slaying half the human population in the form of belittled mankind
Yet in my dreams bondage remains my freedom and torture has my soul take flight

Under my nails skin decompses and termites feast and banquet
Burrowing profoundly into the thousand subcutaneous layers
Building and establising stone age homes within the very bowels of my organs
Calcifying my very atoms in self-defense as it identifies with my autoimmune disguise

Well, I tried, but
Disease Amplified Needlessly
Shattered every fragment of me
Deforming an already splintered two faced head
And so one set of visions is living in the future
The other set paused dramatically in the past
Paradoxical divinity perfect in its distress

Twins divide their lots in the tied leg race from Sodom and Gomorrah
Leaving behind the subpar salt that retains the equilibrium of my destructive flesh suit

These scars belong to me, and me alone
They fizzle, blister, and infect my conscience
Guilt tripping me to wade into the ghastly swamps of my own mind
And drown in the injustice and unequality.

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