My Poetry

I run my hand across my throbbing chest
a sternum that’s beheld so many wonderous horrors
a bleeding heart that stopped beating when the vampire turned me

I have tasted so many phantasmic realms
one fantastical evil ruined me with but a taste
the original elders of my own underworld

My vision became black as coal
my pupils morphing into the night
and I craved a rare delicacy that was immune to my threats

I possessed hir entirely
and through that twisted identification
I became aware of my own reflection passing me in the hospital window
the sun glaring down on me where before the moon had been my only guiding light
I owe the moon so much, she became a mother to me
where the sun is yet a stranger, however deep it penetrates

I try to catch the rays with my bruised and battered hands
light reflecting off the swollen scars that will always linger
at least until I pass away from here and ascend into buddhahood
the light wrapping itself around my fingers
climbing up my ring finger
entering my vein of love and curing me of depraved sickness
and with enlightenment comes pain
regret, suffering, guilt, longing

Luna will always hold my heart
even where the stars create life once again
galaxies emanating a myriad of forms
all within the sacred wells of my mind

I will keep on chasing for this dream
riding my silver-lit chariot across the skies
flying towards you at my greatest speeds

“When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east
when the mountains blow in the wind like leaves
then you shall return to me my sun and stars”

When everything collapses in a big freeze
our souls will finally become melded
and this life will be a stepping stone to our fabled future
beneath the translusent heavens
chanting the name of unrequited love.

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