Love, Absolutely

My Poetry

When I’m with you
my skin becomes molten in rhapsody
when I look at you
my retinas glaze over in deep devotion

I love you

My beating heart absorbs your cerebral fluid
sipping, savouring, gulping down the pure quintessence of you

My pores leak starry luminescence
from toes to head
as I feast on your sugary sweet blood
and leave swollen purple bruises in its wake

Feed me, satiate me, consume me
from starvation to gluttony
I will never devour enough

**Besides the faux beatings in my sleeping daze
the kicking and the punching and the lingering abusive threats

My happy place is in your homely pheromones
and the silky feel of your innocent back

To where I run so freely
during moments of terror,
and when I lost control
you were there

It was ecstasy
fastened to your bed, deprived of sight
commanding and gentle
you took care of me
as you always do

Yeah, sometimes you trigger my dark side
and I entertain thoughts of knife stabbing, pillow suffocating, and other such shadowy images
but my human nature never betrays me,
and you know that

I am china clay
and you are my crafter
make a kami-sama out of me
as you become my deity

God suffuses himself in his making
and the universe came to be
in a dramatic explosion
and brilliant orgasmic release

We are peasants living like kings
in our sacred grove,
in-between our nest of elderberry trees

You, well –
You are my destiny
When you consume me
And I forget to breathe

As you fill my lungs with bliss.

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