There’s a struggle
a galatic battle between immortals and reptilians
the three fates at the south of the world tree mock me

I believe in those things greater than me
spiralling into my own potential
within the confines of middle earth

I cried so much, at such a vulnerable moment
heat against ice, flesh against memory
my cheeks turning crimson red
my mouth downturned in a frown
pulling on my invisibility cloak I avert my eyes
I crawl into the borough and bury myself among the moss

Just like the hurt/comfort stories I have read so much
I am in a strange creation of my own
my life bordering fantasy and non-fiction
my mind mocking insanity

Tell me, my better good, what are your thoughts?
I will never know
chasing a mirage only ended with disappointment

I flick through emotions like tv channels
desperately trying to find something interesting
but only finding rubbish
junk abandoned on Venus’ harsh volcanic surface

Beauty is transluscent
part surreal, mostly brutal
polarity is no respecter of persons

I am a Time Mistress
that’s my purpose
that’s me

Relative in temporal space
an unfixed distant, unreal object
wandering, searching, helping

Evil lingering within
but heart swells and overthrows an entire nation as a tsunamni
culture eating away at identity
and acceptance to the searing flames of the local sun

Why give up?
pain is a driving cure
transcendence an ultimate goal
reality mirroring the truly subjective
and dreams inspiring winged flight

I am what I will become
I am what I always was
and neither of these adequately express me

Cut a worm in half and it divides into two
cut me in half and watch me put myself together again

The Time Mistress
The Dark Lady of Spring

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