Brains Scans, Website, Computer Upgrade, Boyfriend Love, & NLP

My Public Journal

Ok, quick update (mean it this time, I don’t have much time) – I had my MRI, it was nerve wracking but glad it’s over. Have an EEG booked for next Wednesday too. Gonna make an appointment with my doctor to discuss the results, which I’m anxiously awaiting.

My computer has been down for about the past week, which sucks. It was all okay then all of a sudden would keep shutting down. I formatted it three times and all kinds of stuff, was at my wits end, but then did a memtest86+ and turns out my RAM was corrupted. So I replaced it and everything is running smoothly now (upgraded it too, from 8gb to 16gb for one hundred pounds, cheap as chips).

So hopefully I can continue with my blog and website. I am having a lot of fun on my website, regardless of whether I am unsure whether I believe it or not, but the great thing it is so vague that you can believe what you want and still be into Goddess worship, as long as Goddess is the focus of course.

Easter has just come and gone, and the course I signed up to is messing me around, basically the customer service sucks so I’m going to look elsewhere for an online access to higher education course. My mum said maybe it’s a closed door and that maybe I should approach my dreams from a different angle. So I’ve been thinking about rather than approaching human enhancement technologies from a biological angle, to approach it from a quantum physics angle instead. The field of quantum physics is still pretty much full of guessing and no solid theories yet. So contributing towards that would make me feel happy, considering that after the study of consciousness, the study of the universe is my favourite topic.

Right, I’ve got to go. One last thing. I went back on spiritual forums for a bit thinking my ex had gotten over me, and I’d moved on completely, so, it was bizarre when I accidentally came across a post which seems to have been aimed towards me on some level? So anyway I guess I will just ignore that forum again. Like I said before not really interested in that forum that much these days anyway. My understanding of the world is more naturalistic than mystical these days.

My boyfriend is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to me. I know I had a psychotic breakdown but that’s all in the past and honestly my boyfriend brings out the full potential in me and makes me the best I can be. It’s what I’ve needed all this time, someone secure, confident, strong, but compassionate, sensitive, and spiritual too. I never even knew what I was missing before I met him. My life is just completely taken the best turn, have completely taken the best turn, changed for the best. I can’t believe the progress I have made with self-improvement all thanks to him. I am studying again, and I am more active instead of lazy (as much as I can be despite my mobility issues anyway), I am more confident in myself, I have a purpose and goal in life. It’s amazing, and it’s all thanks to him. I feel I am so lucky.

After Note: Oh yeah I want to add that I’ve been meditating a bit again, and it’s helping a bit. Also I’ve gotten a bit into NLP too because of my boyfriend and it’s really helping with my anxiety more than ERP (the little I’ve tried it so far anyway)…. Finally I can put my imagination to good and proper use. More on that in a later post.

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