Blackmill – Evil Beauty

distant, fleeting
melodic crests morphing the ether around me

A world and a half away
Running, fighting my ghosts
drowning in ignorance
drinking in novelty

Bubbles rise to the surface
Deeply forgotten sensations
Something is stirring
but I won’t pay attention.

My desires are right
my regret suffuses the past
and I meet myself in the center
this love I know is me.
I cry

No one exists
It is Goddess and myself alone
Entwined through the visage

You’re just a reflection
the both of you
and all that came before

Sometimes knives penetrate so intensely
knives of illumination
knives of betrayal
Both belong to me

I am a world within a world
And you are a piece I lost
for a new excavation

Reality continues linearly
and I continue searching for the illusory
the me I will never be

Farewell broken bones and darkness
Hello mourning, reinvention, and recreation

Self connection.

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