How strange to be a stranger in a familiar world
Even when unfamiliar people try to make you at home
The longings for the inner and outer to match
Bubble up as heartbreak and creative insanity

I’m just a doll
A makeup painted, hair done-up doll
Who looks stunning and vague to everyone
Just a play thing
Going through the motions
I have no feelings
But I am felt anyway
Children are so strange
I am not one of them

Never was, I am only smoke and mist
Only smoke and mist in an unsuspecting reality
But my god loves me all the same
Natural selection and progression the reason I am this way
I must keep pushing through the infected virtual reality
and trek up ahead

Is there love in me?
Is there joy?
Is there rage inside?
Is there sadness and pain?
As a xenos in this world I am oblivious
My emotions are programmed a different way

Why am I here? What’s the meaning of quantum incarnation?
When will the day come when I am what I already became
In another setting of sunshine?

I open mouldy books
Find pleasure in artificial touch
And glutton in illusionary ice cream
Just to remind myself to believe in me

A wanderer, explorer, first man on Mars
The truth is everyone else is the same

Boring and plain, and dull and lame
They aren’t to blame

Mother earth takes prisoners of us all

And isolated.

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