My Poetry

Another three hundred and sixty five days have passed
another sunshine, another equatorial shift, another life

I have been reborn in a thousand different ways
lived a thousand different lives in one
as a thousand days are one, so is one day a thousand
just like God I am immortal

What’s changed in this cycle?
nature flaunts its successions,
spring, autumn, summer, winter,
entropy creating a novel experience

There is death and bloodshed, there is love and peace
polarities and multiplicities rotating
consciousness evolving
until we have become alike Elohim

I am Ubermensch, time travelling from the future
meeting myself in the middle of reality
reminding me of who I will become
showing myself the wonders of the living
castrating my primal nature and shedding it as a snake skin

The sweat of my skin as I am aroused
hope and passion mingling in sex and cloned children
two becoming one, transcendence morphing with the linear
our bodies becoming fused in artificial intelligent technology
our genes and DNA reinventing the super-human race

There is very possibly a meaning behind my insanity
a method to the madness
a consciousness behind the unconsciousness
an end to the means
a perfect harmony, enlightened united nation
planet, galaxy, universe

When will my prayers be answered?
when will my higher self return from Andromeda,
from the Pleiades where my hallucinations show me dreams
where I am advanced and beautiful and near infinite?
or was I just deceived?

Jesus is here, I am pretty sure
watching, waiting, knowing, guiding
patient with my tiny puny cerebrum
the Israeli messiah waiting for the salvation of the world
the rapture, divine judgement, and eternal bliss
as I recreate my humanity
and explore my existence

Whom is here to prevent the alternative?
Oh the possibilities are endless
but I only concern myself with facts
with the occult,
and with understanding the space between the two

Raise a glass to happiness
raise money for the poor
be selfless within self-interest
take a chance with life;
In eternity, you only live once.

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