Home is Where the Heart is

My Poetry

Nonsensical silent ramblings
There’s a threat about, but not in your longing, neediness
Not so hidden in the open air
I smell the overwhelming clinginess,
the heady scent dissipating into my nostrils,
through to my aching love sick lungs

I freeze and jump away, unconscious in my slumber
trying to escape to safety
whilst dreaming of flying above snow-frosted mountaintops
and saving your brokenhearted schoolchildren
Your cares are mine, even in the strangest recesses of my mind

“Are you OK?”
I drift slowly back into reality, back into time
Back through the fourth dimensional rift
Where my future, present, and past selves meet,
merge, and find themselves wrapped around your bareback skin

Even love does not quell the night terrors,
the sleep-crying, sleep-talking, sleep-screaming
hallucinations and terror stricken delusions
But the silence roars so loud throughout my body
Such quiet calming my nerves
Such calm expressed in exploring your weary heart

I’m OK, everything with you is all OK.
Even when it’s not, it is,
even when your politics and hypocritical complainants force my patience
I find within myself a deep acceptance
My flaws stare at me through the mirror
and I hug you senseless, closing the gaping wounds in my psyche

It is not perfect, neither fated nor meant to be
but you just fit me in the most comfortable way
let’s stay this way forever
with me laying gentle kisses on your jawline
and you comforting my deeply saddened ganglia plexus with your so soft hands

It’s strange to know you so deeply, so intimately, and yet, it feels just right
So here I will stay, deepening my affection
giving into your needy whines,
playing along with your pretend tantrums
Amusingly rolling my eyes at everything you utter
Spoiling you with oceans of watery feelings
Oceans in the summer near the equator

We are both only human, but our humanity defines us
and we meet with the closing of our lips and hands and chests,
legs and feet, deep in our sleep
interdependently entwined, knowing our place
without fuss

And with you I just am – flawed, tainted, bruised, scarred
But full of hope, love, and dreams

Home is not a place, unless that place is with you
I feel the shifting ever so subtly in my daily life
No longer am I the black sheep of society
But I am a work in progress
Having my hand held by your sensitivity and compassion
I am at ease; I am Chiron’s orbit being stabilised, healed.

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