The Fall

My Poetry

Shut your crow-tit
My fucking legs seem so small
The golden spoon of the Ultimate reflects my ugliness
surely, it mocks me

Anacondas whisper lies
“Ye shall be as God”
Ashtarte prostitutes herself
appealing to my base senses

I am more civilized than the chaos
evolution proves it so
the cave men lying dormant in my DNA spur me on
historical laughter at today’s modernity

The joke’s on you
billions of years later and love still alludes us
but I’m embracing the madness
transcending the fall of good and evil
berating and belittling myself to the most important Power

How insignificant our problems are in the greater Cosmic Law
We’re so stupid to think so highly of ourselves
like, yeah, “The Earth revolves around me”
I think you’ve forgotten your place
I think humanity needs a reality check

Mythology appeals to the collective archetype
Psychotic holographic false light matrix
Fallen angels running the show, controlling your brains

Wake up. Common sense shows no meaning
no salvation in retribution or revenge
Indifference presenting all my fears as inconsequential
I’m growing the hell up

Ancient as days, innocent as a babe
The way forwards is the way backwards
think Benjamin Button
primordial emptiness our only true crutch
non-existence and non-awareness and giving up the flame
liberation in having no name

You only live once so just go fucking nuts
Wise words from Suicide Silence
But death didn’t come to their aid in the end
Drinking and drugs a temporary escape

Like my future cannabis seeds grown and burned for incense
Bordering legality
Rebelling like the King of the Universe
Your outsides are filthy like shit but your insides are sacred

Inhale that nihilism, breath in deeply, release
Release toxic fumes and live another day
Keep going, never give up,
for otherwise you scorn your own petty pointless existence.

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