The hearth flickers in the enclosed wooden furnace
a holding place for visions of future generations
like Sheol, like the mythical Fields of Elysium

Gaze out from between the uncivilised bars
Take a lung full of fresh sweet air, freedom
Reminisce on your wasted half-starved dreams
Pray you find escape in Persephone’s Bosom

And so the beast fell in love with the beauty
only to corrupt, twist, and denigrate perfect holiness
Israel, your lost grandfather wanders endlessly through parched desert lands
What cruelty befell you? Was it a lack of faith?
Regardless, hang your head in self-loathing and shame

I’m no one’s slave, just enslaved to the entitled racist herd
In a place where a kingdom of heaven does not exist
where wolves snap at my heels and I’m chained to steel rusted fences

The flame slowly dies out, having consumed all available oxygen
now there is nothing but empty vacuums and unborn solar systems
your lost hope aborted an entire species
how fucking dumb can you get?

Your sins cannot be absolved
Once an unborn embryo, now a worthless junkie of death
a black pit of inverted adrenaline and anti-gravity particles
negating everything God believes in

Rot in your liberal democracy and extreme agendas
It keeps the equilibrium sane
You exist to spread chaos and creation
Misery in perfect peace – Peace.

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