Trickling blood, ice dry eyes, and bone deep hypothermia
frozen analogies and bewitched full moons
archetypal threats, terrors and shame

Fuck it, you only live once
ruin shit
murder opportunities
there is no afterlife

There is no sense in cause and effect
gotta embrace the mad hatter digesting your sanity
the whore, the slave, the dominatrix, and mistress

Who do I believe I am?
Yin yang opens the tunnel of deafness
I hear discombobulated voices whispering
Ghostly faux memories that haunt me every day

I was whipped, beaten, tortured, raped,
forced myself upon charred extraterrestrials for the thrill
ripping myself open
splaying their organs apart for my pleasure
mingling blood for sports, to pass eternity’s hell

And in the core
this rage
and in the center
I am cursed

a pocket full of samurai swords and axes
I’m hooked on drama’s drug,
need the high of apathy

My neurons gotta shut the fuck up
after all I’ve been through
plow through shit and suck that bitch up
I’m a hardy-fool warrior

Don’t be amused by the facade I throw up
ain’t no one gotta clue
trauma is my individuality
so let the rank darkness and holy fire rings consume me
any punishment is easy compared to the rot I’ve come to face with.

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