Game of Times

My Poetry

Memories swirl around and around
like milk and hazelnut praline
as if the dementia from my archenemy decides to visit again

Inside the palace of my fortitude I am riding sleek black horses, surfing icy blue waves,
planting lucky seeds and giant beans in the depths of your ribcage

It is an utter mess
Nutella the only apt description that comes to mind
Sweet, but murky in colour like my dirty emotions

Separation, coagulates into past and future
disconnecting this shit from the unadulterated now
and somehow you, in the midst of the seductive mist that whisps on by

My arm burns up, the left coated in white heated substance
passion and fire leaves a hole in the process of cellular regeneration
the sound of my name on your tongue as you cum
and explosion flooding through my loins

I am an empath. Tune into me like the crystals of my youth
meditate on my aesthetic qualities and spiritual properties
the fountain of living water flows through me
with it’s source: You
like quartz I amplify
like ruby I awaken your deepest desires

Passive in nature, receptive and open to hurricane-like intensities
can we co-create in this fucked up world together?
please ourselves with the sweat of our skin
and the sensations of each other?

My unfastened clothes weigh heavy on my mind
where you bore all
I cowered and trembled at the sight
terrified of a natural human response
terrified of rejection and shame

But, I love you. My dirtiness may need a good scrub
it may taste sweet to the metaphorical tongue
but the underlying gold and alchemical processes are just gearing up
transmuting me from the inside
and sweeping you away with me
into Neverland

So lick me clean, lick me dry,
leave me pristine, undone as in your wildest dreams
and satiated and content in your arms.

I will forget myself, and leave behind my neurosis.

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