Bleeding Love

My Poetry

Sensations, thick as pulsing crimson blood
pour from the wounds in my mind
Throbbing, aching, glistening shimmering wetness
in reaction to a dagger slitting open the deepest recesses of my bones

Reaction to the weeping pulsating stiffness, emotional penetration
gentle fingers guiding me to their destination
round and round the brightly spinning wheel in your chest
round and round the highly sensitive pulsar at the tip of your head

I am torn apart, in so many ways. Do you know what those fallen angels did to me?
But your touch soothes my memories, softly massaging the core of me
healing me in sweet nothings, cuddles, and desparate little touches
Tear me apart in the right way, I plead you, leave me craving for more
Leave me on my knees, naked and vulnerable, begging for more

I am bleeding love, it seeps and leaks from my arteries
spewing over the floor of your freshly vaccuumed carpet
spraying all over your skin, seeping you in my hormones
coating your insides with the perfume of me

Can I take that same dagger, and penetrate you with my infatuation?
As you pentrate and bleed me dry with your devouring gaze?
My obssessive heart, with your wandering hands?
Do you think we’d make a good match?

When our lips collide and our awareness blends into one
you fit against my body, my soul, as a key fits a lock
and I bet your dick fits inside my dark flooded cavern perfectly too
But, perhaps for now I will leave that to the palace of my fantasies.

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