La Petite Mort

My Poetry

Numbing senseless emotions
dampened electricity running through my nervous system
fighting the need to blank out, sweet unconsciousness


L – lies and temptations allude my eyes
O – over it, over this shit, I’m tired
V – velocity slams into my skull, into my heart beat
E – everything is fucked up and gone to hell

Count yourself all lucky who have no knowledge of Pluto’s whimsical orbits
Neptune’s disillusion and Uranus mental confusion

God after all is no different to our fucked up society
as above so below, he reminds us of our own wounds

Hermes is true, and magic and control rules over the masses
what is free will anyway? my feelings for you are more numerous than the stars
and just like a star you implode and die out
right before my eyes
and just like a star I become blackened and endless, like the pit of Hades
no mercy for those of us who once revolved around your light

All that exists around is the eternal fractal of the zero point
you don’t really exist except in my own fantasies
where I imagine your hardened form begging beneath me
your essences leaking from the depths of your sacral chakra, the end of all pleasure
I want and need – la petite mort
your death and rebirth in me, release and explosion of existences
please, open my eyes and show me the universe
let me crawl inside your heart and see the wonders

The beauty of the great collapse and cold freeze
in the end we are nothing, just fragments searching for awareness
conjoined in torment and self-torture

I need you, in the most basic primal way.
I have to lose myself
I need to die.

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