The Demiurge is One Sly Son of a Bitch

My Public Journal

So, it’s been a while since I lasted posted on here, but I have updated a bit with my new video blog on YouTube. But I haven’t gone into details about the psychic healing I did on that girl with Jesus, which I want to update about now.

The truth is, it’s hard to tell if anything worked, because the exact same night after I worked with her, she saw a psychic surgeon, who apparently works with his own spirit guide (which I don’t really trust, I don’t trust any entities on the spiritual pretending to be helping), and I also think I picked up some negative energy from her because ever since I’ve been tempted to physically swat away annoying spirits around me, and I never had that issue before(they will leave eventually, but it’s a bit of a pain).

On top of that, I did a psychic reading for her, and at first I saw that she had a lot of angelic energy around her (especially in her crown and heart), and I told her so, but shortly after our session I realised that these angelic beings I saw were not angels at all, because I’ve seen real angels and they look nothing alike. They were merely trickster spirits pretending to be angels.

Which gets me onto the next point, that psychic readings and healings don’t really work, because first, any energy healing that you do doesn’t seem to help long term, or even short term, it is just a temporary emotional fix, and if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that emotions aren’t reliable, and that entities will use them against you. Which leads me onto the second point, everything we see or sense spiritually is all fed to us from other entities or beings. You know why? Because they can influence and manipulate what we see to further their own agenda.

I did wonder for a while if I commanded those trickster spirits around her to leave, maybe her issues would really be resolved (they weren’t, btw, she still had the same problems afterwards, even AFTER both mine and the psychic surgeon’s session)… but I was just put off by that time, and after some more experiences at home, I’ve become critical again of healing and psychic reading – I’m not saying they’re not real, what I’m saying is more like they are not long term and they are too easily susceptible to being controlled by the Demiurge’s evil agenda.

The reason I say they are not long term, in regards to psychic readings, is that we can actually only see the most likely possibility that a person is going to experience in their life, but since the future isn’t set in stone this possibility changes all the time. I’ve read that is a common issue with psychics. The spiritual realms are just too easily changeable and prone to whimsy.

Now, I feel I’m back to trying to figure things out, trying to understand how Jesus fits in everything, at the same time I’m continuously battling away thoughts like “I don’t believe in Jesus and embrace the dark side, that’s my true nature”… but it’s NOT, I know that. I know who I am (even if that sense of identity is blurred by other people’s energies and other malicious entities), so I’m struggling a lot in that sense, but I wonder sometimes if the war ends once you stop believing there IS one. However, I never believed in evil before I was heavily possessed and that ignorance almost cost me my life, so….

It’s hard to say. Times like this Buddhism feels very attractive because it’s very simple and compatible with science. Christianity can get complex, but on the plus side I can sort of see that perhaps the reason why our inner issues seem to go back and back and back in time to the point where it feels like we’re cursed just for being alive, is because of original sin (and I’m not going to say what that means, apart from the fact that something happened early during our human history that caused humanity to become aware of good and evil, of duality, to perhaps lose our spiritual innocence, and ever since nothing can ever be perfect again)…… but still, I don’t really know if that theory is logical, because science points to evolution, not devolution. So which one is it?

I guess I will just have to muse over some things more, but this is where I am. I don’t know why I happened to do a spontaneous healing session on my mum that time but after observing her carefully she had an emotional high afterwards for a few days, and then I saw her become the most depressed she’d ever been. And I’m not going to naively chalk it up to ‘post-integration’, because that’s bullshit.

I think there is just something more going on that I don’t understand yet, and that healing isn’t what it appears to be, and neither are psychic readings. They are all distorted.

Is there any hope for humanity at all?

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