Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis

My Poetry

Deja vú,
The same daprivity returns to haunt me
The chained up zombies of the night stir
My voodoo doll is watching from afar
His face an ugly sceptre of delight

Redemption glimmers in the future like an inverted whirlpool
Straining against the foaming linen
Unrestrained fantasy

Error in my ways, error in reality
Frozen in death, frozen in helplessness

“Where are you? Speak to me”
My love, BELOVED
Believe, don’t Jekyll and Hyde your face against the torment
Purgatory offers black extraterrestrial diamonds
The moon is hollow and lifeless like the fucking empty cave between my ribs

Love me do, terror and shame
Bloody needles puncture the leather bound memories of flesh
Desire and death mingle and coalesce
Inside, around

Closer and closer to the heart of me
Struggle becomes my new pleasure
Bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism

And I become whole again.

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