Some Personal Beliefs About the Multiverse

My Public Journal

Just what do I believe? I think I need to collect my ideas together to form some coherent whole. This isn’t really going to be a logical progression, but rather just a list of things I’m more or less sure I believe:

  1. There is no Ultimate Being
  2. The ‘Source’ of everything is Emptiness, formless nothingness
  3. Everything existing is interconnected
  4. There are deities, angels, aliens, demons, and other mythical creatures
  5. We live in a multiverse with bubble universes,  parallel universes, and multiple dimensions
  6. There is no spiritual hierarchy, but there is a LIErarchy, aka Demiurge
  7. The Etheric dimension is closest to Earth, and is filled with darkness, thought-forms, and contradictory reality structures.
  8. Karma doesn’t really exist.
  9. ANYTHING is possible. I can’t state this enough. ANYTHING.
  10. Everything is subjective, and relative
  11. Life has no meaning. We just exist for the sake of it. What we do with our existence is up to us.
  12. We experience rebirth into different realities. There is no physical death, just transmigration of essences.
  13. Ultimate Death(blinking out of existence) is a choice too.

I keep taking those ‘what’s your religion’ tests and keep getting Buddhism. It does seem pretty Buddhist of me to believe all these things. At the same time, I still have a focus on Jesus. But I suppose that’s not really contradictory to Buddhism.

I actually decided to try and spiritually travel to Jesus, but I couldn’t find him. It was a bit mysterious. It’s like he was hidden. I only know how to travel on the etheric plane though, so maybe that’s why. Maybe he’s on a different plane of existence.

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