Air light serenades caress the rainbow coloured sweater I’m wearing
Smooth promptings from your rose-thorned core
Multi-coloured longings stray underneath the persona
Mental fingers stroking the surface of my bones

Entwine, entwinning, rummaging, rumbling through the door
Like an Impala ’67 crawling at a supernatural pace
Horses trudge the ice and snow through and through,
Long and slow, teasing emotions, sensations
A power that infinitely squares in magnification

Living, breathing selfies embed themselves deep within my soul
Stirring the shadows, stirring senseless abandon
Stirring languished glances, invisible but not unnoticed
Imprinting animalistic urges within the depths of chaotic waters

The nakedness you so adore with your eyes
Melds into an undefined attachment, connection, duotheistic identity
And your chest lays bare to me, glistening
ribcage splintered, splayed open
In the circus of my dreams.

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