There is a Universe in Each Person

My Public Journal

I thought I would just have a check with my ‘inner self’, about what I really want spiritually. What I got was “to keep exploring, to explore different universes, worlds and realities, because I still have so much potential left, to not close myself off out of fear”…

Truth is, my psychic abilities are incredibly developed now. I just don’t know what that means for me. Should I utilise them, or should I ignore them? Logically, when I die I’ll end up on another plane of existence anyway, so might as well get used to the fact sooner than later.

I can’t deny my mind is curious about what is out there, and putting aside the Hermetic Principle of ‘As above so below” for a moment, it only makes sense that as a possibility, since there is good on earth, there has to be good elsewhere in the universe too. It’d be a bit strange if there wasn’t.

Of course, I could consider the deception of spiritual entities as part of being on the earth realm, illusion just seems to cover us, and we can’t seem to escape it. Any genuine being such as Jesus that wanted contact probably would be drowned out by the evil Demiurge’s static.

At the same time, I can’t help but wonder if these beings only exist as a product of our collective consciousness. For example: When one Christian hears from Jesus and another hears and yet their messages are completely opposite, where is the truth? Are they both true in parallel universes? Are they connecting to different beings claiming to be Jesus, or perhaps are they just hearing from a projection of their own superconscious self?

I can’t say for sure which one it is. This problem struck me after seeing many Christians on ‘prophecy threads’ prophesying different American presidential candidates being selected for office. Either they’re all right in different timelines, or they are actually getting their information from different sources?

Is it possible everyone is just in their own world, experiencing what their superconscious concocts behind the scenes? I had once read one guy’s experience of exactly that, actually. That each person is a universe. And why not? It’s a bit solipsist, but it’s plausible.

Then again, right now these theories are becoming so far removed from reality that I wonder if it’s not just more stories being made up to make me feel better about reality.

I don’t know what I believe, but for the time being I’m happy exploring without sticking a label on myself. Well, at least for sure I know I don’t believe in God, so that’s a start lol.

I think really I’ve been wanting a conclusion so I can know what spiritual path to follow, but maybe I just need more time to make sense of things.

In a sense too, I have to reintegrate everything I previously learned before my breakdown, and then integrate what I actually went through in my breakdown… there is an awful lot to integrate.

I have psychic abilities but I just don’t trust them right now. But maybe I should give the spiritual beings a chance, and not rule them out completely.

I’m honestly not sure at this point, but I’ll keep musing.

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