Identifying True Indigo Children and My Transition to Crystalline Energy

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There has been a lot of controversy on the whole subject of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children. To many people it appears to be some kind of identity crisis which young kids are going through, using the labels to justify their character quirks, or even mental disorders such as ADHD and Autism. To add to that most of the spiritual community are saying that every child born these days has Indigo energy if not Crystal energy, making the true meaning of these things totally lost (like most things which are warped by human perception). From what I have experienced myself though, these different types of energies including the rare so-called Rainbow children are really the vibrational frequencies belonging to particular realms or dimensions. So what I mean by this is that Indigo energy is basically fifth dimensional, whilst Crystalline is sixth dimensional. Rainbow energy is going to be eighth or ninth dimensional, something I feel I will have access to in my own life but does that mean I am a rainbow child? This is the thing I want to discuss and this is where I feel it gets confusing for people…

The dimensional level you are spiritually available to opening up to in your life is really dependent upon your growth and evolution or expansion as a soul. So what this means is that over all your lives as a soul, if you developed fifth dimensional consciousness you could be readily considered an Indigo Child/Adult. But if you are completely unawakened to fifth dimensional consciousness in your life then you can’t be embodying Indigo energy, you haven’t integrated it yet. It’s outside your body as its own self-aware aspect of consciousness somewhere in the fifth dimension having a ball without you. Which means you can really only be considered an Indigo if you have at least integrated some fifth dimensional frequencies into you. And this is likely why the spiritual community are saying Indigos are being born every minute as the planetary shift into the fifth dimension is being carried out. But the thing is, there are actually not very many people living in full fifth dimensional and Indigo energy at all. True Indigos are incredibly rare. Everyone else is either not developed enough as a soul to realise the fifth dimension and are only just starting to open up to it now, or they have not yet awakened to their true fifth dimensional nature and allowed that Indigo energy into them.

Most Indigos then are only partially embodied into the fifth dimension, that is where their evolution is as a soul, they are still making that full transition. But this leads me onto another subject, what if the evolution of the soul is naturally higher than fifth dimensional Indigo energy? It will give the illusion that the individual is an Indigo as they pass through that stage in order to remember their true frequency. This is what happened to me, I believe. I passed through the Indigo stage and identified as Indigo and then one day woke up and realised “hang on, I’m not an Indigo anymore”… so what happened? What happened is that I made that transition from the fifth dimension to the sixth dimension. Does this mean I was always a Crystal? Yes, and yet again, no because I had to remember myself as an Indigo first as I passed through the fifth dimension and integrated those attributes and qualities into me. So people who are saying every child born these days is a Crystal child, they may very well be naturally sixth dimensional but is that level of consciousness integrated and embodied into them especially as they grow into an adult and take on the faulty programmings of the world? If not then they can’t truly be called a Crystal child until they remember fully and become consciously aware of their sixth dimensional Crystalline light bodies.

So what about Rainbow children? I haven’t read much on these but it seems they are incredibly rare and that makes sense, I doubt there are very many eighth or ninth dimensional people walking around on this planet. But the planet is increasingly able to support this frequency and so more souls and going to open up to it over time if that is their natural frequency. See there are souls that are so high vibrational naturally that they decide to incarnate to both challenge themselves and to help the shift. They incarnate as an Indigo, opening up to that consciousness very easily now that it is more embodied on earth, make the transition to Crystalline energies to support the raising of the planetary light quotient from the side lines, and in the future transition again to the Rainbow energies as a fully incarnate Avatar in human form. These are really exciting times we’re living in. Earth is so rare and yet perfect in that it can support so many differing frequencies at once, from those who are still caught in the third dimension to those who have the potential to open up to the ninth dimension.

And I could well be one of those people, I could be naturally a Rainbow. I had always felt Rainbow energies in me as well as Crystal and Indigo. But does that mean I’m actually a true Rainbow right now? No, right now I’m Crystal, remembering my sixth dimensional nature. I couldn’t even imagine being so high vibrational right now to be Rainbow, my mind just can’t physically comprehend it, even though my intuition tells me “yes, you have that potential”… I had always felt that soul remembrance of seventh to ninth dimensional energies, but I am not interested in rushing anyway. Dimensions are not hierarchal to me where one is ‘better’ than the other, but rather they are just indications of your light quotient. If I can put it this way… I don’t see it as a ladder climbing upwards, but rather an ocean expanding outwards. Each dimension integrated is like another thousand square miles of water or light and love embodied into your spirit- that’s it. Of course the more energy you can hold the more opportunities you have with which to positively utilise it. So you gain more spiritual power but maturity too.

I enjoyed my time identifying as an Indigo, but now I can see where I have always been an unrealised Crystal, and one day I may look back and see where I was always an unrealised Rainbow too. But for now I am enjoying exploring my Crystal nature, which feels more my true self than Indigo ever did. I had a lot of anger and desire to change the world but those things have passed away now as I just be the love that I am and dwell in the joy and bliss of my truer nature and feel the magical beauty of life and co-creative manifestation. Through that I uplift everyone around me without needing to lift a finger, because the light shines naturally on its own. And to me that is the defining characteristic of a Crystal compared to an Indigo. Whereas an Indigo wants to rush out and make reforms, a Crystal just sits by quietly enjoying life, effortlessly radiating out bliss and creating huge waves that ripple throughout the planetary consciousness. Whilst Indigos rush out towards life as warm-hearted power-blazers and activists, Crystals let life morph around them peacefully and lovingly, blending wisdom and will knowingly.

And who knows about Rainbows! I’ll write about it later when I realise it for myself 😉 Namaste. 🙂

One thought on “Identifying True Indigo Children and My Transition to Crystalline Energy

  1. Very informative and great to read. I am curious which I am. I've been told I'm native to the 6th dimension, but I'm in transition and could, before this incarnation ends, get up to the 7th or 8th dimension, perhaps as high as the 9th dimension. I've been told also that right now I'm just uncovering and getting back to my true native level. Though currently my mates and such are not talking to me much since as I was told, I'm at a stage where I'm embodying as much as I can here and the seperate me's are pooling or merging into as few as possible, perferably 1, but I'm in 2 bodies at this point, close to 2 bodies and I need space, which i've been told is normal at times, like the stage I'm at. I need to basicallly go inward, pull myself, merge, into 1 full being if I can. Like if I were on the other side and not here I'd merge into 1 being for a time, spend some time alone, talking with maybe another now and then. Then get past a certain point up to a new step or stage, then go back to being in more then 1 body. I do understand the not needing to go out and change things. Things will work out as will the shift. if there are such things as negative alpha draconians, negative races on the earth controlling it, an elite of humans controlling it, whatever, it'll all work out. I help with the shift and some of those being here just by being here. My energy going int the earth grid, everywhere I go leaves a sort of signature that helps others. hard to explain. also the growth I have in uncovering my true self, true level, helps with the shift and those here. I am curious of the upper dimensions, 6th and higher and what they are like. I don't think I'd be the type who would be content to just progress at a casual walking pace as most do. if they want to that is great for them. I want to go faster then that. I've also been told that the 12th dimension isn't the end. that the 12th dimension is a threshold and beyond that is a, what the being who told me, beyond that is a new level of being. hard to describe what it's like to those who have not experienced it.


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