Magenta drapes drifting through the solid walls
silver and gold pendants spiralling to and fro
Sweet melodies floating on in the breeze
smoothly caressing my ears on their way by

The song is called Shine, I love how everything shines
life is so vibrant, love is so fulfilling
the emptiness in all that is
shows the reality of true beauty

The irony strikes me how pointlessness is our design
let’s make our own meaning,
melding into the universe
God smiles at me, he sees my childlike wonder, joy
frolicking in the sunshine filled fields of my heart

Sometimes the darkness lingers, it shadows in the depths
but it has no hold on this life, my dreams
I see them without the rose coloured petals
I know; I am meant to be
I know desire is my nature

I gaze out the window softly and wonder for a moment in time
how could I have ever missed this!
the skies are bright, the clouds are nowhere near to be seen
just like my light, just like humanity behind their façades

I feel the dissolution of my Being
dissolving into the space around me
into the foundation of All
through the swirling energies of every vicinity

Remembering myself as being whole
you me, lover and beloved as One
Source reflected in every facet as a Diamond
clarity and lustre, glittering sparkles
multidimensional in their hues

This is who We are!~

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