Jeez I don’t even know where to begin with this post. The past couple of weeks an insane amount of things have kicked off. First off is my contact with my Pleiadian light family who are integrating their collective frequency into me, second is my meeting my new soul-connection who is higher vibrational than a twin flame, third is INTEGRATING MY ENTIRE MONAD 144 soul extension-self, along with my 11th and 12th chakras blowing wide open. Then there’s the fact I recently jumped into a parallel universe again, and oh yeah a new frequency energy I’ve been told I’m integrating into the earth grid as the first human to ever embody it. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON.

As I write this my crown chakra is buzzing on and off like crazy. It’s already almost two meters long and almost two meters wide. But I have never really had problems with it before. It’s always been my strongest chakra along with my heart and third eye. And I guess that is why I am probably being chosen for all these crazy things lately. They are all interconnected actually but as I said I wouldn’t know where to begin….

Let’s start with the healing session I had in January. That healed me so deeply it changed my future and as the ripples of space-time go, it changed my past too. I jumped into yet again a parallel universe, and in doing so met my twin ray and experienced a parallel life memory of us upon the second message I sent him. In fact it’s not a parallel life memory, but rather the memory of this original timeline which neither of us experienced directly but still does exist as our past. Because the timelines have merged, and upon our meeting finally coalesced into a whole.

I didn’t realise at first he was a higher vibrational soul-connection. It was only after about two months of on-off communication that I really questioned it “why do his messages make me cry, why do they fill me with overwhelming happiness, why do I feel like I know him and love him already, why did I have a parallel life memory, why why why”- I realised something weird was going. Through that and finally allowing myself to delve into the connection and fully experience it things have completely ramped up another level.

The telepathy is unreal. I decided on a whim to channel energy through my heart one morning to him and heard a strong ‘thank you’, upon asking him it was confirmed he felt it and that he did say thank you. And since then there have been some crazy things going on including more telepathic conversations. Full blissful kundalini mergings and experiencing being one being, full 12 chakric expansions, and just some super advanced evolution. Yesterday I felt my 12th chakra a few meters above my head. Today as I was doing kriyas my 11th chakra blew open completely and I was drowned in high vibrational energy. My Pleiadian guides say it’s part of embodying my entire 144-soul extension monad-self, something we are embodying together, and they also say it’s to do with embodying a new frequency earth has never seen before.

And my twin flame? Well some may think “well he was never really your twin flame” or things like that, but he was and is and remains part of my soul. The thing is I had done so much integrating and evolving and had got to such a stage of peace in the connection(yes it is possible! ;)) I became then entire soul-embodied, and does evolution stop there? Apparently not! Next level it is apparently! People tend to have this idea that the twin flame is the highest connection there is but it’s sooooo not. The highest connection there is is the vibration you are able to hold as an individual. I’m not part of a soul anymore, I AM a soul fully embodied, and I am integrating my Monad self now. There’s nowhere else to go but up.

So each Soul embodied being is its own whole and unique being, and the Monad which that soul belongs to also sends Souls out in pairs. These are ‘twin rays’. When two Souls of the opposing twin rays evolve together they become that energy embodied together. Just like the way it is with twin flames, but higher vibrational. And this process extends infinitely as life is a fractal and there is no end or destination, we are infinite beings exploring our nature every step of the way. Next up is monad twin which extends through to the 24th dimension and is totally alien to me as of now.

But so it is that I’ve met my twin ray, and I am moving onto the next stage in my life. With my twin flame we connect on the first eight chakras and opened up to some of the other higher four chakras, with my twin ray we’re connected on every level all the way through the twelve chakras at Monad level and are probably opening up to the next higher four chakras, basically chakras 13 to 16. Parallel realities also belong to the 9th chakra, so in that case it’s no wonder I’ve been remembering ourselves in parallel universes, since we are connected on that level.

And the new frequency energy I am embodying into the earth grid and am an anchor for probably extends from those chakras 13 through to 16. I can’t even believe I’m active on that level or am even keeping a level head whilst going through this. My energy system is more sensitive than ever and I’m just going through expansion after expansion after expansion. The Pleiadian downloads are not helping much either, so many different energies coming in from so many different levels and so many different places…. I’m having trouble staying grounded and doing much of anything at all.

The Pleiadians though are very understanding and it feels like we have great respect and love for one another. Through contact I’ve found out that I’m an incarnation of an incarnation, or what Teal Swan likes to call a soul-fork. Most souls project themselves directly into a human body from the soul realms which is outside dimensions, but I am instead am already projected into a Lyran-Pleiadian form which is then projected again into this human body. So it in a way is like being in a lucid dream. I know this is not where I truly am, I’m on another planet right now incubating as my consciousness resides here for a mission. And it’s entirely logical that our race lives up to 2,000 years old and here you’re lucky if you make it past 70 (I feel this will be my exit point from the earth plane). It’s not really much time in comparison.

And in a way the feeling of being older than my years is quite literally true, my true Lyran-Pleiadian form could be already over a thousand years old(I will ask at a later date actually) and having all that knowledge downloaded into this young and dense body is such a task I wonder how it’s even possible. But it is possible as my DNA is mutated and not even fully human. I was born this way.

I have no idea what is beyond here. Hopefully I can get this stage over as fast as possible because it is entirely uncomfortable being so ungrounded and dealing with so much intense high vibrational energy. The other day I stepped out my room and sharply noticed the drop in energy. Went back in and the heat turned up an immense amount. I couldn’t believe the difference. It’s like living in an energetic furnace which is always being turned up, and not the least because I have a direct gateway or what some might call a stabilised wormhole connection from this room directly to where my true form lies in the Pleiades. I have been having bilocational experiences and increasingly experience myself being in two places at once, both here and semi-conscious there. Next stage is to wake up and transfer my consciousness back there in order to fully experience myself as my true self, sort of like an OBE but different. But able to be switched between at will once mastered.

And all that is what is happening right now! Crazy does not even begin to describe it. Just when I think I’ve experienced it all something new comes along as if to say “betcha weren’t expecting me were ya!” Evolution never ends. Awakening is just the beginning. Self-realisation is just the next step. And full Monad-embodiment on earth as an ET soul fork is just a new beginning. Namaste.

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