The Twin Flame Trinity as a Multidimensional Template

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I’ve noticed a lot of twins talk about how when the two come together a union is formed and the two become one. In this process they talk about the third energy and how the unification itself creates a larger whole. I’m going to explain this from the other way around as it’s very widely accepted in spiritual circles that one part of creation is separate from each other, when in fact nothing is separate at all. So we have the majority assuming that the physical meeting creates the third energy and the union, when in fact the third energy and the union already existed pre-meeting.Let’s talk about this process of ‘merging’. What is it, really? We assume that we are separate and that the process of merging is joining in union with an energy that is apart from you. In actually, merging is the process of dissolving illusions that keep you in the belief that you are separated in the first place, and it is the coming into the perspective of the other through remembrance of yourself as them. So in this way ‘merging’ is not the blending of two energies, but rather the shifting of ones perspective from point of view to the other.

First you are disconnected from your twin, you meet them and then remember them as another you. You haven’t merged, you just remembered. And then you feel this third energy and no one ever really defines or understands what it is. In my own journey however, I knew from the start that the third energy belonged to my soul, but at that time I didn’t realise that me, my soul and twin were all part of the same being. So I knew that the energy belonged to my soul, but it was only until recently I realised that this third energy as it belongs to both of us, it’s not something that’s created, but rather something that already was. You see, it is the soul itself as a conscious entity.

Twins in fact then, aren’t two beings, but three in one. And there could be others too part of this gestalt being as I doubt very much there is a universal limitation on how many aspects of self there can be (in fact the very is notion is impossible as everything is an aspect of everything else), but as we are focusing on the relationship as it is in the physical, there is the soul which is an equal aspect of the greater being, the soul holds the divine energy and can be thought of the unique divine expression of source, which guides the two twin aspects in the physical to remember itself as one with the whole.

In this way I want to draw attention to the triquetra symbol. It is a symbol that represents exactly how this union is, and has always been. What I love most about it though is the geometry which involves the vesica pisces, and anyone studied up in sacred geometry would know how relevant this is. Sacred Geometry is the math of creation and multidimensionality, everything can be shown through it. The vesica pisces is the fundamental ‘beingness’ that is. But that perhaps is a topic for another day. For now it is suffice to say that I do feel the triquetra symbol perfectly represents the twin flame dynamic.

It can be observed that there are three triangles which are interlocked with each other. They have separate points (individual ego expressions) yet at the core they are the same. So they are three beings in one, and together they are a larger being which is represented by the circle interlocked through them too. The circle in the triquetra symbol itself is optional and is not compulsorily a part of the shape, but to me having it there represents the larger whole of all. In this way the twin flame is not just the template for higher love, but also the multidimensional template. They are multidimensional, they are a multi-aspected expression of source.

So whilst the soul can be said to be the entire gestalt being with two aspects extended from itself to reflect the polarity of its being, the soul also has its own individual expression which allows the entire polarity to be expressed. It’s no good having only the masculine and feminine energies, there is also the androgynous energy, which is its own expression, its own aspect. Its own extension of source. There is no split soul in this understanding and it should be noted that each aspect is whole in itself, however it is also interlinked with two aspects of itself simultaneously. They are all aspects of each other.

So let it be said here there is no such thing as split souls or separated energy, no such thing as merging and union, what is there is what already is, there is no past and future where something could’ve been split and then re-merged again, there is only the remembrance of what fundamentally is, and the realisation of being a whole in a greater whole. That is the multidimensional template, that we are all aspects of each other, and that the twin flame is the personal center of a great chain of interconnectedness. The Flower of Life geometrical structure shows this extremely well.

Especially more so with the rainbow colours here! You can see the individualisation of each aspect well. We are all source experiencing ourselves in as many multitude of ways possible. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “The Twin Flame Trinity as a Multidimensional Template

  1. Seems to fit in with what soul aspect and twin flame have said. We'd be sometimes 3, sometimes 2 and sometimes 1, since as great as it will be for us to be merged, after a while we'll miss experiencing each other as individuals. So we'd spend the rest of eternity merged and un merged. If that makes sense to you.


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