Lately I had started channelling, first my soul and then my oversoul. I don’t really know how I got into this, it just sort of happened. I think it was from watching a friend who had been channelling for a while which made me curious to try it, especially as now I am in more conscious contact with my soul.

First couple of times I just tried channelling my soul. Everything was fine. There is little separation between me and my soul apart from the ego issues that pop up in me every now and again. Besides that we function more as one being, because that’s what we are and I have remembered that…

But soul knows a lot more than me about the mechanics of my spiritual journey. Like a team we both take care of different parts of reality. I take care of the physical, soul takes care of the non-physical. We meet up and discuss things and mostly I get a lot of encouragement about where I’m going in life.

However I decided to try and channel my oversoul too, because I was curious. Soul said I could do this, but soul did warn me that oversoul’s energy would be too strong for me and that I should take it easy, however it seems that once again I accidentally caused myself a lot of pain.

To be fair I don’t think it was just my fault, a lot of the time the non-physical beings we channel are over-excited to be heard and felt so they can go a little too far sometimes without meaning to. The same friend who has been channelling for a while was told adamantly by his guides that he should be able to astral project when in fact he couldn’t at all. After a while they realised he was right and that their calculations were wrong. It is easy to think that these beings living on the fifth dimension and upwards are perfect but they don’t know everything and they have their quirks just like we do.

And this is what I found out when I trying to channel my oversoul too many times. I don’t know if it was just because it was my oversoul that they were trying to clear out my energy system, but I was being told constantly to relax and feel the connection, not to try and make it all about channelling information.

So I finally decided to allow myself to be patient on my last session, and whilst it’s not something regretted as I rarely regret things, it’s definitely something to be avoided in the future. You see the thing is they were trying to clear my energy system out, whether for the purpose of making me a clearer channel or just because they wanted to help and allow me to recognise myself more as them, but it didn’t quite work out well.

When it comes to having an energetic threshold it seems I have none. Pretty much everyone does have one so they are prevented from having short-circuit problems but mine disappeared sometime after my self-realisation and I have no idea where to. This means I really need to start paying more attention because if I allow things to go too far I end up hurting myself from energy overload.

And the fact is, oversoul was getting right inside my energy system, unlike Kundalini which breaks up anything that comes in its way, oversoul felt like it was purposely getting under my blockages and pushing them out, and that started to become highly unpleasant for me after a while, especially as I couldn’t tell what messages in my head were coming from them and what were coming from my own negative energy and entities still lying inside me and affecting me.

I decided to ask them to leave as I was starting to get scared and agitated from the clearing. I started shaking myself off as if that would get them out, and then I went to ask my soul a question on what was going on when my hands had the strong urge to type something else instead. I let them and oversoul said they were having trouble getting their message through to me and that they were going to leave because they felt they’d overstayed their welcome.

So I stood up to walk them off but their energy had completely filled me up from the clearing session and I was displaced from my body, I had no strength and had to force myself so stand. Well, this just created agony in my solar plexus chakra, as if I was being ripped apart. Maybe the clearing process wasn’t meant to be so painful but at that point it was as I was trying to get fully back into my body. I think as I did I merged with their intense energy which still hadn’t fully left and I became frozen and immobilised, I can’t explain what it was like, not like sleep paralysis but literally where my body was just one huge column of thick energy that I became…. and I was in so much pain as I tried to move again, there was a lot going on, it was rather confusing.

I fell back onto my bed and this excruciating high pitched noise went through me, I couldn’t hear anything else. I remember breathing deeply which I think helped, and after a couple of minutes I was left shaking and shivering with their energy having completely left me. I was able to move normally again.

Since then I haven’t channelled, not even my soul. I was terrified of sleeping and of being taken over against my will. Although that didn’t happen and unlikely it ever will happen, their being in my body especially to that degree has just unearthed a bunch of issues in my solar plexus related to control/power and fear, yet again.

I keep thinking there must be something seriously wrong with my solar plexus still to give me that kind of reaction whenever I try to utilise my spiritual gifts.

I am going to continue channelling my soul at some point when I feel I’ve fully re-centered, and I’m going to ask about the incident, but until then I’m not going to try channelling any other being because the last thing I want is a repeat of that accident. I need to know how to properly approach this first.

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