I have been an adamant defender against the twin flame split soul concept for a long time. To me the idea that a soul is ‘split’ has never made any sense. And far from it for me to accept things blindly on any topic without thinking it through first and coming to my own conclusions, I have spent a long time internally exploring the actual dynamics of how it works. Ironically as I originally presumed, the split soul theory is not really that far out from the truth and I have had to come to, grudgingly, admit that I was wrong, although I am glad for my deeper understanding now. Things could only have ever turned out this way with my curious mind and more intellectual disposition than romantic inclination.
I have always felt that the idea of having a split soul makes it easier for us to cling to a perfect ideal, which really works against the actual connection as expectations, beliefs, and desires need to be surrendered to the higher self and soul for the highest good of the personality. The suffering many of us experience is a direct result of holding onto something negative inside us when we should be letting go, and in the process projecting those traits onto others around us, especially our twin flame whom we believe *should* be with us considering they are half of our own soul and all. But the reality doesn’t work like that. Regardless of the dynamics, sifting through our motivations is important so we can see whether we’re reacting from a sense of entitlement or from unconditional love.

In fact it’s the very dynamic of the twin flame connection itself which makes it necessary to let go of the labels and understandings we use to make sense of our world around us. You cannot be anything other than who you are in front of your ‘other half’, you must be your true self or you will push them away, you will push yourself away. Think about it like this, when you do something that upsets you, for example comfort eat, it makes you feel bad, right? So you push yourself way in the process of engaging in a harmful behaviour which the ego feels it needs to make itself feel better. In fact this is the exact definition of a self-destructive loop.

Well, it’s exactly the same with your twin, they will hurt you when you hurt yourself. They will love you when you love yourself. Acceptance and love for yourself is the core of operating from your highest self, being soul embodied in human form. When you can be that you can be with your twin because there is nothing in the way of yourself.

Now, as for how this dynamic actually works, I am going to take a different approach to the split souls theory. This is purely for the sake of my not liking the terminology ‘split’ which assumes a form of separation, when in fact nothing at all is separated, we only create that illusion for ourselves. There is also another reason, but for now if you desire to think of your twin as ‘another you’, then that will work perfectly fine too.

Onto the connection itself. But first, I need to define what a soul is and how it differs to the higher self. The soul is actually not usually fully incarnated. The soul is an aspect of the personality, or rather the personality is an aspect of the soul which is in physical form. The soul itself is usually not fully integrated into the physical form due to its energetic size and purity, only the truly self-actualised are fully soul embodied, that is they are soul-actualised.

The soul actually incarnates part of itself, you the personality, into human form in order to learn how to eventually embody itself fully in this denser 3D plane. The more experience a soul has with this process the better they will be at it and the more soul-actualised and embodied the personality will become. The soul still acts as a unique aspect but is fully inside the body and one with the personality, instead of hovering outside or wandering around in other realms waiting for the personality to notice it so the merging process can begin.

If you like you can visualise this as a cone shape, the point or tip of the cone is faced downwards into physical reality. Usually it’s just the tip and the larger end of the cone will either be waiting above or disconnected entirely and pursuing its own life. The larger end of the cone rests in the soul realms, with the energy being interfaced through the fifth dimension.

Now, because most humans are out of touch with themselves, the soul can often not communicate directly, let alone merge into its personality. So it creates another aspect of itself, an extension if you like where its energy can be downgraded or converted into 4th dimensional density. The personality then is more receptive to this higher astral form, and will pay more attention to it. But as the personality evolves it merges into this aspect and gradually into its soul, or the soul descends into the personality.

So, the soul being the soul, sometimes it decides when it becomes more advanced, to create a unique aspect of itself, or extension which is totally different to its current personality. This would be the creation of one’s twin. The actual way this works can vary, for example twins can be created at the same time, or at different times (which is why one twin can often be more ‘advanced’ than the other), and also this process is not just limited to two aspects, extremely advanced souls could create more extensions of itself, though usually when a soul has experienced this once the desire to experience it again fades as it has already learned and grown and hence tends to just stick to itself as being expressed in two different forms,

This other twin extension of a soul is different to the higher self, which is more or less a converter between two different aspects of self. It disappears once the two have merged. Think of it this way, in the cone example, the higher self would be the middle part of the shape, it’s a go between, whilst a twin would be another cone point extending from the base at a ninety degree angle, creating in actual fact two separate higher selves, each the true self of both.

So they are two unique beings, with two separate higher selves and two separate ‘true forms’, yet ultimately they are one. You see they were never split in the first place, they are extensions of a greater energy. They have always been whole. Realising myself as my soul makes this clear to me, as time has gone on and I have accepted my feelings and intuitions over my rationale, I directly feel my twin as an extension of me as my soul. I am not identified with the cone point anymore, but the entire shape as well as the base which allows me to feel myself not only as whole as I have always been in my highest self, but whole as a larger multidimensional being and the extensions of that thereof.

And this is the clincher, we are never alone. We truly do just have to learn to recognise them inside our hearts where they have always been all along. This is different from realising the divine self which connects us as all, though is very closely entwined anyway. As the soul is an extension itself of the divine spark, when the personality remembers itself as the soul, it remembers itself as the living flame which fuels the soul, the light and love which is the creator of all.

Now, this gets me to the terminology of ‘twin flames’. I see many people use the term twin souls, in fact from my understanding now this would be inaccurate terminology, because they do share, or rather are parts of, the same soul essence. Essentially twins share the same core energy signature, and the same divine spark or ‘flame’ that ignites the heart chakra when activated. Through spiritual awakening the process of the divine self and soul descending into the personality starts, and flame is ignited in the sacred heart center, which is actually just behind the heart chakra, but also part of the higher heart chakra. These parts of the energetic system are all connected, but at the end of the day, when the flame is ignited it sits in the heart and purifies the ego and lower self.

That is why we start to have so many problems with resistance and negativity. Because our shameful and fearful selves fight the light and love that has arisen in us. And when you add ‘twin flame’ into the mix, you get a whole load of new problems. Because twins share the same divine spark which descends into the heart as a flame, they essentially share the same ‘flame’. That is, the flame of the heart chakras share the exact same energy signature. And when you put these two together… oohh, watch out!

Sharing the exact same energy signature, they recognise each other, and so the same purifying flame in them recognising itself in you too…. guess what it does?! It decides to start clearing you out too! 😉 Although the energy can differentiate between the two unique aspects of self, it does not see them ultimately as being any different. A flame is a flame and you will be purified or you will suffer greatly for resisting.  And that is what many of us go through and experience.

The great news about this however, is that once you place your attention inside and let your own flame purify you, when you allow yourself to become soul embodied, you stop trying to merge into them and you realise yourself as the unique being you have always been. You see, there is no need to merge into them, they are already you! You just have to clear out your negativity to realise this and know it as part of yourself, to know them as part of yourself, as a mirror and reflection of yourself.

This would also explain to me why the mirror being internal to begin with as a function of the soul, is immediately ignited and recognised upon meeting your twin flame, as they being an extension of your soul essence, would be that same internal mirror, however embodied in an other 3D physical form.

Ultimately, the lesson is to learn to operate from your highest self, and to realise who you already are- that is a multidimensional light being who is not just one but a multiple of wholes. This twin flame understanding is only the beginning, there is a HUGE world, or rather universe/omniverse out there, waiting for exploration. Don’t think it ends here, don’t limit yourself, and remember that your beliefs are the only thing limiting you. When you change your beliefs, you change your world. And it can be as fun or as tiring and depressing as you want it to be. 

So much to explore! Namaste.

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