I have been meaning to write about my first healing session with Jennifer for a long time now. She is recently new to healing with a couple of years under her belt and she offered me a couple of free sessions to gain experience with people. I accepted and I ended up having my first session in October.

I will write everything I can remember here. Not much anymore as time has gotten away from me but I will give it a go anyway. So first she started at my root chakra. She told me it had become unfixed and so she said she fixed that for me. I felt a huge rush of Kundalini energy before that though, which was when she opened the session to ground us both. I was ungrounded and I’ve only just realised that I’ve been ungrounded for a long time. I thought I was doing ok on my grounding but my lower chakras have not been in as good shape in my higher chakras and so it’s easy for me to become ungrounded.

She next went onto my sacral chakra and said I had a blockage there. She released it for me, and I definitely felt the shift, but I didn’t realise the deeper problem at the time. As the emotional defensiveness would come back from time to time. She then went onto my solar plexus chakra (uh oh lol!) And she came across the dense energies there and tried to release them. She used her Crysocolla crystal to help. Neither of us knew about the entities there at the time. Her entire clearing of this chakra was extremely painful and I saw her pulling out a bunch of ‘roots’, but that she couldn’t put them all out and the rest retreated under ground again. She didn’t feel that.

She then moved onto my heart chakra. She said it was pure and beautiful and she said she saw gates around it. She said the gates weren’t blockages, but instead that I put them there consciously and had full control over them. She said that she saw someone trying to sneak past them and the gates squashed them out like “nuh uh no you don’t” lol! She said the gates were there to protect the innocence because many people would take advantage of it. She said she sensed many spirits there and she felt all their love for me, and all the love I have to give myself and the rest of the world. She didn’t feel any need to do any healing here.

She then moved onto my throat chakra and said it was unbalanced. I had been suffering from being a little opinionated and stubborn. Something I’ve been working through. I definitely feel these issues are related to my solar plexus. She then moved onto my third eye and saw my guides apparently trying to force it wide open, as if I don’t see enough! She perceived a few images, one she said heard the words ‘Atlantis’ and ‘King Triton’s Crown’ or something like that anyway. I think that was in relation to a parallel life. Then she moved onto my crown and felt more spirits here who love me.

We scheduled a second session for November but it didn’t go too well. We were both so nervous when it came to my solar plexus that she practically skipped over it! At that time though I was dealing with heart chakra trauma from Taniya my soul-connection falling into a coma. So she spent most her time working on and helping me heal that. I couldn’t sleep that night but I realised that it was due to new freed up energy integrating- eventually.

I decided not to do any more sessions with her after that. It felt wrong. But little did I know what was waiting round the corner! Danielle is an experienced healer with remembered parallel lives of being a Shaman. She’s literally a natural at this stuff. Monique pushed me to get in contact with her and I was weary but I did. Couldn’t believe the price I paid for it. Though I’ve managed to release my fear of not having enough money now. I’ve decided to have faith and trust in the Universe and not rely on anything or anyone else for money. That includes my business. And just a quick note about my business- I’d been getting messages from peoples/friends guides that I am going too fast and need to slow down otherwise I will burn myself out. So I’ve taken to doing that. And especially after this session with Danielle I can really say how freeing it is to not worry about anything!

My session with Danielle was on Skype whilst my session with Jennifer had no communication at all. That was purely distant. I was grounding/meditating about fifteen minutes before my session with Danielle. About ten minutes before I started seeing waves of light. She told me she’d called in the Ascended Masters, So now whenever I see waves of light (tends to happen a lot) I know what I’m seeing! She then started a sweep of my aura. She removed at least ten entities lingering there. I felt a rush of gentle new energy entering the spaces. She then proceeded to start on my solar plexus.

She started with removing the largest main entity there. I can’t explain how freed up I felt when she did that. Like instant relief- I could breathe easier again. My solar plexus issues have always made breathing very difficult for me. Anyway, when she started removing the entity I had the pain again in my stomach like it was wanting to be gauged out. She then requested of my higher self to disconnect the process from my physical body. The pain stopped and the entire thing became a lot easier. As new Kundalini rushed up she had to ground me again as I was just turning into jelly, lol.

She then asked where else I wanted work. I said my throat chakra, as after my solar plexus that’s been my other troublesome chakra. Although my throat chakra hasn’t been troublesome for a long time I’d still been feeling heavy energy in it. She told me it was karma, and that it made me very adamant about what I want. It also made me very closed off to what other people want to say. She offered to check which parallel lives these traits were connected to but she got distracted by something.. I think I mentioned something about feeling activity in my lower chakras. 

She returned to my solar plexus again and created a vortex of energy to suck out the other entities there. I have a lot. Well, I have less now! My stomach started getting incredibly heavy then like lead and I just saw a dark mass of dense junk flying out my solar plexus. It was ridiculous. She said she couldn’t remove them all though. That’ll take more time. She said the problem was I was attached to them for survival, and that if I got rid of them all in one go I’d feel defenseless and it would leave me in a very bad place mentally. I wouldn’t be able to cope. So I have to release them bit by bit. Oh, I forgot to mention, she was releasing them into the light for transmutation so they couldn’t come back to me and so that they couldn’t attach onto other people too.

She then moved onto my sacral chakra. The root issue that was causing my emotional defensiveness was revealed. I still had inner child issues! This was HUGE shock to me. I thought I was fully aware and had dealt with all my inner child issues. Apparently not! She led me through the energetic clearing of that. I didn’t feel anything physically but I was just crying torrentially. I never realised I was still carrying this pain around! She said because I was so focused on my solar plexus I hadn’t had a chance to be aware of anything else that needed work on.

Oh! She said part of me was mad at her for doing the releasing of the entities. She has this ability to release the issues that keep you wilfully attached to the entities. When she was doing that I couldn’t feel it but she said I was angry. Because basically I felt scared that without them I wouldn’t be able to cope. When she named out loud though one of my reasons for wanting to have these entities I suddenly felt really defensive. I found that in its own right incredible. Part of me was conscious of having the entities and wanted them, and my waking self wasn’t conscious of that at all, and yet when she mentioned what that part of me felt I definitely felt it too.

Anyway, she then went onto my root chakra. She said it was broken. She said that I never felt at home anywhere I went because I feel like I’m always going to be yelled at, since when I was growing up home was a place where I was always being yelled at. Again I never realised the connection but it rang so true! She fixed my root chakra for me. She never mentioned anything about my heart, third eye, or crown. Those are probably in good condition. Though she said I’m ungrounded so she did something to keep me more permanently grounded.

For some reason I asked her to check my parallel lives and karma. I asked her if I’d ever been stabbed in the stomach. She said yes I had. I was a thief apparently, that’s all she told me. I brought that up because remember when I watched the season 2 finale of Hannibal stabbing Will and I had an abnormal emotional reaction? Well I tried to watch it again a couple of weeks ago, almost a year after watching it the first time, and it was still just disturbing two weeks ago as it was then. I felt it was definitely more than psychological and wondered if a parallel life was tied in. So having confirmation of that was great. I also told her that I felt something in my left foot. She said I was a slave and had karma there, and she released that for me. When I got up after the session I was walking differently!

She did some other things too. I don’t really know what they were. I think she gave me some sort of triple layered healing frequency that’s supposed to last 72 hours. She also placed an etheric crystal in my root chakra, that will also last about 3 days. I don’t know if I’ve written in my posts here before but I can also tune into crystals etherically without having to buy them. You usually need an attunement to do that. Seems like that the natural ability instead. Though I think the crystal has to be in my soul memory first. Jennifer lets me distance use her Crysocolla whenever I want!

After my session with Danielle I couldn’t stop laughing/giggling for about fifteen minutes for no particular reason. I think that’s a sign of soul parts having been retrieved and integrated and being joyful at being whole again. I have felt this incredible space and strength in my stomach ever since. It’s not perfect, I still have some issues breathing and I still feel heaviness there. I still have a lot to work on, but she has given me a head start and I feel great that I finally know what was causing me these problems and that I had some help really fixing them.

I couldn’t sleep last night either! I really need to do these sessions in the morning to give the energy time to integrate so it doesn’t keep me awake. Also so I’m not as psychically sensitive. I couldn’t stop seeing things last night. Mostly lots of pretty colours and pictures. They were actually really soothing. But I also felt the deeper layers of resistance come to the surface. Couldn’t tell if it was my own anger or the anger of the other entities there but I was seeing a horrid snarling face as my way of thinking had taken such a drastic change. I could feel it and something didn’t like that. I’m much more secure in myself now. I have higher self-worth and less ‘pride’ (as Danielle called it). I also feel power internally rather than something I need to project externally. She was SO in tune when she said to me “you tend to feel powerful when you’re angry”. But I feel that’s been lifted now. I’m much more secure.

I am sat here after doing my Kundalini Kriyas for the night and I am just feeling amazing. I cannot explain how much lighter and freed up I feel both physically/psychologically. It’s gonna take time to get used to this new vibration. Ah yeah that was another thing, Danielle raised the vibration of all my chakras to their optimum frequency.

She said with five more sessions all my problems there should be cleared up. Can’t believe it! She did in one night with ease what took me one year to handle on my own with a lot of blood sweat and tears. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding about the price and I have to pay again for every individual session (money still well spent though, not a single regret in me!). And as so far I have no money I can’t continue my sessions with her. But I see the larger Divine plan now. No worrying!

I feel so carefree. Not caring about trying to ‘make it big’ to feed my ego and expectations of low esteem, not caring about money, not caring about working or social stuff. I’m just free right now and loving life. I feel like I can relax and go at my own pace. This is what my guides have been trying to get into me this whole time, yet I was ignoring it. But I’ve finally gotten it!

I have a friend/soul-connection called Karla who is also an expert in handling entities and she’s going to send me a manual to start leaning how to remove them and heal my aura on my own. I’m really looking forward to that! So I don’t need to worry about not being able to afford new sessions. I can just learn myself! That will be really cool. I can’t wait!

Just to end this, I’ve decided to not continue meditating yet. I still need to do lots of clearing before I feel safe meditating. But I’m closer to the point where I can do that now.

2014 was honestly such a great year. But I never realised! 2015 everything comes into fruition. This is a GOOODDDD year! I feel it so deep in my bones, seriously.

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