Rock, rock, rock, back and forth goes the rocking chair
swaying to and fro, like a boat out from shore
my eyes close sleepily and I hear someone murmur to me
whispers from beyond
from a state I never knew

It’s always the same
the hand of the clock never stops
I swing away
up and down, around the reel, forgetting that I have feet to land

I cannot stop
I must keep sailing forward on this rocky mirage
the ocean tips its hat at me; the sun sinks and winks merrily below the horizon
there’s no change

It’s still the same as it was before
only now there’s night where there was none
the opposite side of the world is reflected back at us
we chant melodies from beyond the grave as we rise

Rise and fall and rise insistently
and I watch it all
it’s always the same
it never changes.

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