Liquid Silver

My Poetry

Swans dance in the silver midnight sun,
show a glimmer of novelty in this deep oblivion
swirls and twirls and a blast of sparkling colours
rise from the depths and lead us away from this place

I couldn’t fall prey to the emptiness behind my shut eyes
I had to move on past my past
thrown through stardust and entrails of messy lives
I met you in the middle somehow, in the entanglement of shattered selves

I see so many things.. the end of time itself
I know the abyss
I know what death looks like.. I know what love feels like to be cut off from itself
And I cry..

A space arises where there was none before
and god moves out the way
hell swallows itself whole
and the devil.. well, where is he to be seen anymore?
the end has only just begun.

Grasp on tight to the frantic pulse flapping in the breeze
like the silky wings of the dancing swans skimming the wind
there is a dream to be gleaned
and a life to be relieved
a path to be trailed and a love to be rekindled

The lake opens up before me once again and I know
we are strangers on a raft under the glare of the moon
just following the northern star home.

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