The ‘Soul’ in ‘Soul-Connection’.

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When we talk about soul connections and twin flames and state that we share half a soul.. or maybe not, what do we actually mean when we say ‘soul’? I don’t think anyone really ever defines this, and depending on who you ask you will probably get a number of different responses. Some will say there’s no such thing as the soul, and others will say that their soul is basically their Higher Self.. a perfected version of themselves. These same people will tend to see their soul as something separate and outside of themselves, though it might not be stated so explicitly.

I think it is important to understand what a soul really is before we go around throwing around terms such as ‘soul-connections’ and stating that we share half of a soul with someone when we don’t even know what a soul is in the first place. What I write here is not necessarily truth.. only my own understanding and interpretations of what a soul really is. I have taken my inspiration to write this post after listening to Lee Carroll’s channelling of Kryon’s understanding of a soul (I’ll post the link down at the bottom), and there may be some influences of that in here as I write. But I do want to make one thing clear first.. listening to it solidified my own thoughts about souls.. I’m not simply taking what he says as truth without prior analysis.

First, let’s start at the basics. I think most reading this are aware of the inter-connectedness of reality and how everything is one. We are all source expressing itself. Kryon calls this ‘oneness’ the ‘soul’. Though most of us assume that we all have separate souls, Kryon states that there is no such thing as separation.. something I am hugely aware of after experiencing myself as all that is. Due to that, all our souls are the same, in essence. They are all source energy.

Due to the infinite nature of existence it seems unlikely to me that we stay the same ‘soul’ forever. To the ego identified mind this is a potentially very scary thing- the idea that we have no identity. But the soul itself has no identity. I have experienced that. In all potentiality it is nothing and it is everything. The more soul presence I develop the more I become aware of my own core changeability. Yesterday I was a different person to who I am today, who will again be a different person to who I am tomorrow. This life I am completely different to how I was ten thousand lives ago.

Through time we are shaped by our experiences, circumstances, and the external situations we find ourselves in. As we interact with our environment we merge to some extent with the energy surrounding it. When you meet people and get on with them you start to develop traits of each other. You’ve swapped energy.. you’re being changed by your circumstances. Over time this constant swapping and back of forth of energy will make your soul signature completely different to the way it was before.

Kryon states that soulmates are those souls who we have swapped the most energy with. We’ve become so alike and share so many of the same similarities.. we are drawn to them because we recognise parts of ourselves in them. Our energy has merged and we feel a ‘connection’ with them. He further goes onto state that some soul connections that have a strong connection to each other are souls who once were one but split their energy to become two separate souls. I can see the resemblance to the twin flame theories here.

However, unlike most twin flame theories, Kryon is saying that this splitting and merging is going on all the time. For example, that soul that split themselves up may have been a mix of five other different souls before that. So considering this, you could say we potentially have a very great number of twins.. or have had over the millennium. Because soul energy never stays the same and is always changing essence.. there is no set individual ‘soul’ that we can stick in a box and call ‘me’.

Again, the ego doesn’t like this idea. It sounds preposterous. It might say “who am I if I have no identity”? But our real identity is source identity. You can see souls as perfected higher versions of ourselves if that’s easier to visualise, but at the core of us all, we are one soul. We are Source.

Therefore, I can say after all this that, although souls do exist, they also don’t. What we often visualise to be a Higher version of ourselves is likely just another individualised though expanded consciousness that we share energy with. The ironic paradox of existence being that we can never really become source and merge into it, because we already are it.. our ‘Higher Self’ is an ideal ‘us’ that we strive after. But we already are That.

So, our soul is not really a thing. It’s just source inside us experiencing itself in many different ways. ‘Soul connections’ are similar energies we share and recognise and experience together.. twins are souls we have an exact energy match with for that specific period in time.. for whatever reason. There is no hierarchy of ‘lower’ or ‘higher’ souls, or connections ‘closer’ or ‘further’ to or away from us. These things are always changing and moving. And at the core.. they are always the same.

The soul is infinitely recreating itself.

The real beauty of all this being that when you recognise source within all being the one true and only soul, you realise.. everyone you meet is a soul connection. We all share the same energy, fundamentally. There is no separation between any of us. And I think that is wonderful.


Lee Carroll’s channelling of Kryon on the ‘soul’:

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