I’ve come a long way since this time last year, when I was going through my dark night of the soul. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m especially grateful to everyone on spiritualforums.com who have expanded my awareness and made me open to new perceptions and ways of seeing things. I feel like now I am at a place where my views have come full circle. I have integrated my self-realisation experience, and now everything that comes my way, instead of looking outwards, I look inwards. I always look inwards, to such an extent that I see reality to be something like a loop.. it loops all back in on itself, always. The outside is just the inside. The inside is just the outside.

When it comes to the tough questions in life, I think most of us overcomplicate everything. We delve into philosophy to understand, we make all these theories and we write texts explaining everything, but reality is simple, and it is unexplainable.

Those who know, know, that nothing is knowable. Still, we can establish ever increasingly enhanced modes of perception, where duality becomes less and less a part of our worldview.

So many questions can be answered by the question itself, for example, “Who am I?”- “I Am”. It loops back in on itself, always. People debate things like morality- good vs evil, ego vs spirit, selflessness vs selfishness, evolution vs stagnation, movement vs stillness.. these things are not separate, they are all the same thing in their differences.

Ultimately, what everything comes down to is water. Life doesn’t exist for any reason than other to live. Again, the answer is in the question itself. The seeker is the sought. We can make all these stories about how life is for evolving, for understanding.. but there’s nothing to understand. We are just the Universe experiencing itself, and living life.

We love ourselves enough to hate, to feel separate from all-that-is, to hurt other people whom are just extensions of ourselves, to hurt ourselves. We decide everything that happens to us. “Why do all these bad things happen to me?”- Well, you tell me, you’re the one who adds meaning to your life. 

Every choice we make is our own. The Universe is just one grand tapestry, all interwoven. There is no past, no future, no beginning, no end, no completed state, no separated state.. there is nothing, and there is everything. There is duality and there is no duality. Love is personal and love is impersonal.

Everything has an opposite, and that opposite is not actually an opposite. It’s just another way of seeing the same thing. And that’s what life is. An exploration of perceptions.. an infinite destruction and creation of itself… 

We are not the ocean, and we are not the wave. We are the water. And water is just water, no matter what aspect of itself it is.

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