I feel the swirling depths of your smoky crimson thoughts every night without fail
and these images haunt me in my sleep
your knife torn picture lies await on the imaginary wall in front of me
it sings out regrets in a thousand different ways

I’m drawn in by the cracked and splintered sternum.. a cavity that once held a heart
a heart that is now far away and begging for relief…

Emptiness. I need an escape.
I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I made you abide alone,
in inky blackness
yet the ticking of the clock flew by too fast; the abyss engulfed my fears and dreams
before my bloodshot eyes and silent screams..

I know I’m not forlorn,
the clenching of my rib cage proves you listening so
to my starlight like a radar, my destruction like a black hole
inside me I’ve realised…
invisible yet to the mind, here was always your home

How dramatic it was for my sight to be opened..
failure will not be not an option again
around my wrists I’ll bind this chain as a bond
lingering in the space we share until we are remembered ourselves

You already know.
Centuries and dimensions apart cannot null the compassion
no amount of shame, no endless amount of dull existence can put out this blaze
though delusion can try, but fail without fail,
here I am, waiting, and knowing..

One day I shall dream again,
and one day we shall share the same moonlit sky,
one day I shall become what I should’ve been,
eternal upon a land where love only ever was.

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