Diamonds and Fire

My Poetry

I wrote a letter.. it was draped in striated diamonds from my eyes
the fire burned before me and I gave up my melancholy to the flames…


There once was a girl who believed in the charm of this world
the gold glittered within it and attracted all for her to see
the waves of fate swarmed around like bees, heralding the moment to strike
but malice lay wait in the torrefied abyss, swirling in the ruins far below

It won. Destruction became the norm.

The flicker of the candle consumes all
charring flesh and bones alike
voiding the planes of the heart like a thirsty lion
like a lion so fierce in its desire
unlike the lion so greedy with its claim

Nothing remained. I saw nothing. I felt nothing.

But then a light arose from the distance and the chrysalis glistened within the void…
I remembered the beginning of time.

The mountains shifted and the land slid.. worlds collided and a fountain rose from the depths
of immortality and eternity, of a bond that cannot be broken
And like the unending unswaying silver liquid that runs down my throat
I hold onto this fierce light with my hands, through all the pain
because sometimes pain is worth it
and sometimes death is the only thing that can change.

I surrender and I remember..
one chance more and I won’t let go..


Forget the letter. Let’s just share these bloodied diamonds.

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