Heart beating like the frantic flapping of a sparrow’s wings
eyes glistening in the bitter dry wind
I drape myself in black

Ashes shall be scattered on this blue-grey day,
light shall disappear into mournful lullabies.

And I walk into the church of our dreams where vows were meant to be shared
where the moon would illuminate our desires
twisting red fabric fills my vision
Evanescence fills the empty spaces around me

And the screen is shattered.

Pieces crash into me, smash into me and slice my skin
here I am bleeding ghosts of you and me both
after all this time my soul clings still to this frozen serenity

Don’t forget me, I know death will treat you more kindly than me
grief will come and go
your taste will linger in these constructed memories, in that place where gold and darkness collide..
you know of where I speak
you know of what I mean

So don’t let go, don’t lose hope
here I’ll be waiting, here I’ll be dreaming.

I love you forever and always. Rest in Peace my darling Taniya.

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