Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation

My Public Journal
I have never taken part in a global meditation before, and like most things before I have experienced it myself I was sceptical of it accomplishing anything. However, I went along with it anyway. I guess it was another intuition thing. Well.. what can I say. Right now I feel like I’m on cloud nine. That was literally one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I have experienced many things on my spiritual path, but this was definitely a new one. It took me a few seconds to tune in, and once I was there.. wow.

I felt all this energy streaming down from above my crown.. straight into my heart. It was as if there were thousands of suns above me showering me with Love and Light and beauty and joy.. the they were the souls of those who were taking part. The connection was just.. glorious. Their Love and Light entered me as intense heat.. clearing out negativity inside me.. expanding my heart.. I couldn’t stop crying… it reminds me of my awakening. It felt like that.. but hundreds of times more intense, and beautiful. Feeling the Love of your own soul is one thing.. but feeling it from thousands of people is something entirely altogether different.Ā 

It reminded me actually of when I used to go to church. The feeling is similar to when everyone is in worship.. but it was like a more direct and intense connection. I think from my limited perception the souls were ‘above’ me, but probably what happened was that my own soul had connected to them and was merging with them.. and I had felt the entirety of all that Love and Light throughout my entire being. It was.. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful an experience it was!

I can see why people go to church now. I really do. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new world. Perhaps I may go to church more often myself now.. just to have this experience of ‘communion’ Christians talk of more often. Share my Love and Light more directly than what I am currently doing.. not just in my local church but in churches all across the world! I’m in a good place right now.. everything feels so beautiful šŸ™‚

I shall end this post with one of the songs India Arie was playing live on the stream.. it really struck a chord with me:

Namaste. #Iamlight #Iampeace šŸ™‚

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